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Hilda from Israel says:
Angel has been working very hard to resolve the issues I have had with the trade compliance dept. she is kind , compassionate and full of positive energy. She is one of the best customer service associate that I have ever encountered. She serves with her heart. Keep it up Angel!
New Zealand
brian from New Zealand says:
Just a fantastic service. Our first two packages arrived within 2-4 days in perfect condition and no drama at all. Sensational service.
Angela from Australia says:
Was a bit apprehensive at first but bought my first item from the states last week and am amazed at the super quick service from MyUS, it took less time to get to me than it does for items to come from south Australia...amazing. very Happy and will continue to use.
Saudi Arabia
Faiz hood from Saudi Arabia says:
ssofiane from Algeria says:
You freed me,thank you
United Arab Emirates
Tariq from United Arab Emirates says:
Simply the BEST!
Saudi Arabia
mohammed ahmed ali hamoud from Saudi Arabia says:
Daniel Sequeira from Angola says:
gosto muito de usar este site para fazer as minhas compras
United Kingdom
Helen from United Kingdom says:
I was apprehensive about using this sort of service and waited anxiously for my first parcel. got my parcel to me in the UK three times faster than it took to be delivered in the US - to be fair it was over the holidays, but their service was excellent! Great communication letting me know straigt away that they had received my parcel and again to say that it was on its way to me. Thhis is a great way to take advantage of much better pricing, especially from US designers that are very expensive in the UK. I've told lots of my friends about this service and will definitely continue to use them in the future
Saudi Arabia
Alhaidan from Saudi Arabia says:
My experience with MyUS is indescribable, absolutely amazing. First of all they give you many shipping options with different shipping companies, so you're not restricted to one or two. Secondly the customer service. those guys are extremely helpful, they will do anything to make sure you're completely satisfied, one of them is Ali, he done an excellent job helping me with an issue I had before, big thanks to all MyUS staff.
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