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Prohibited & Restricted Items

Shop smarter by avoiding problem merchandise!

What Can (or Can't) You Ship Internationally? Download Our Prohibited & Restricted Items Shipping Guide

All countries prohibit or restrict the types of products that may be imported. This resource is here to help you shop smarter by helping you to avoid buying items that are prohibited and to alert you to items that are generally restricted. Save money by familiarizing yourself with these types of products before you begin your USA shopping.

Generally Prohibited & Restricted Items

This list is sampling of common items that are restricted, cannot be shipped or, depending on your destination country, may either require an import license, additional documentation and/or cause problems and delays during the customs review of your shipment. If your package contains a restricted item, our Compliance team must review your shipment when it arrives at our facilities. This process may add 1 - 3 business days (Monday - Friday) before your item is available to ship.
alcohol & coffee prohibited and restricted to certain destinations

Alcohol & Coffee

Prohibited in some countries and quantities restricted in others.
living animals, fish, plants, seeds, soil prohibited

Animals & Agricultural

Living animals, fish or plants; seeds, soil, and other agricultural products.
combustible or flammable items prohibited


Nail polish, paints (non water- based), oils, lighters and matches.
currency & money prohibited

Currency, Stamps & Coins

Cash, checks, money orders, bank drafts, bearer bonds, collectible stamps and coins.
perishable food prohibited

Food - Perishable

Perishable foods of any type are prohibited. Chocolates are restricted in some countries.
furs, skins, tusks and animal parts prohibited

Furs, Skins, Animal Parts

Furs, skins, tusks, other animal parts are prohibited in most countries.
gambling and lottery tickets prohibited

Gambling & Lottery

Gambling, lottery and games of chance items including tickets, games and devices.
government id and uniforms prohibited

Government ID/Uniforms

Any and all governmental (whether real or costume) ids, uniforms and badges.
hazardous materials prohibited

Hazardous Materials

Chemicals, explosives, fuels and fertilizers.
prescription medication prohibited


Prescription & veterinary medications prohibited. Non-prescription medications are restricted.
perfumes & colognes sometimes prohibited

Perfumes & Colognes

Prohibited in some countries but allowed in others.
political and pornography material prohibited to certain destinations

Political & Pornography

Prohibited in all Muslim countries and restricted in most other countries.
contents under pressure prohibited

Pressurized Cans

No pressurized cans of any type like hairspray, shaving cream and bug spray.
tactical equipment - night vision goggles, lock pickers, laser sites and handcuffs prohibited

Tactical Equipment

Night-vision goggles, lock-pickers, optical scopes, laser sites, body armor and any ITAR regulated item.
vitamins and supplements prohibited to most destinations

Vitamins/ Supplements

Vitamins, some sports drinks, supplements are restricted in most countries.
weaponry and parts prohibited

Weaponry & Parts

Guns, gun replicas, gun components & parts, paintball guns & paintballs, stun-guns, ammunition, gunpowder, any ITAR regulated items.
Country-Specific Exceptions:
If an item you want to purchase falls into any of the categories above please see your Country Profile to determine whether your country permits exceptions. MyUS ships goods from the USA to more than 220 countries and territories across the planet, including the Phillippines, Hong Kong, Ireland, Vietnam, Chile, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Select your package's destination below for specific details on legal and customs restructions in that country.
My Country   

Temperature-sensitive items and items requiring refrigeration:
Neither nor our couriers provide any form of temperature-controlled storage or transportation. Please do not ship these items to your suite, as temperature fluctuations can cause them to spoil, melt or otherwise become unusable. 


Denied Persons will not provide services to persons and/or entities identified on: (1) the U.S. Department of Commerce Denied Persons List, Entity List of proliferation concern, or Unverified List; (2) the U.S. State Department Debarred Parties List; or (3) the List of Specially Designated Nationals maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control. also will not provide services to any person or entity that is directly or indirectly involved in the financing, commission or support of terrorist activities or in the development or production of nuclear, chemical, biological weapons or in missile technology programs as specified in the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (15 C.F.R. part 744).

View the full compliance policy here.

MyUS Works for You

  • MyUS inspects every item in in every package. If we find a prohibited item, we will notify you before you incur international shipping charges or run afoul of your country’s import laws.
  • Order a prohibited item by mistake? MyUS can handle disposing or returning the merchandise for you.

myus inspects every package for you

MyUS No Ship Countries

MyUS ships to over 200 countries around the world. There are certain countries, however, where we are unable to ship products. See below.

no shipping to cuba
no shipping to iran
no shipping to myanmar
no shipping to syria
no shipping to sudan
no shipping to north korea
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