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15 Home Exercise Products You Need To Know About

Love a great workout, but not the hassle and expense of a gym membership? Stay in and break a sweat at home instead! There are so many fabulous at-home exercise products on the market right now that it’s easier than ever to break a sweat without breaking the bank!

Check out our favorite exercise equipment that can be easily used at home for fabulous workouts. Each product can be purchased online and easily shipped to your international address with MyUS.

15. Jump Rope $10

Perfect for any conditioning workout, this best-selling jump rope from Survival and Cross has a nice weight to it, with solid handles and bearings for easy grip and movement. Buy it here.

14. Resistance Bands $11

Tight on space? Resistance bands are a great option. These heavy duty loop bands come in a set of five, from extra light all the way up to extra heavy, accommodating every fitness level. Buy a set here.

13. BOSU Sport Balance Trainer $100

Balance ball trainers are excellent for strengthening core muscles while improving balance and coordination. Even better, they’re super fun to use and can make any workout more challenging. Buy one here.

12.  Elliptical Trainer $80

This compact and lightweight elliptical trainer packs a big punch in a little package. It burns calories like crazy but since it's low impact, you get the benefits without the risk of injury to the back, knees, hips and ankles. Buy it here.

11. Foam Roller $25

Used in physical therapy for years, foam rollers are now seen just about everywhere, and are great to use before or after exercise to relieve muscle tension and increase muscle reflexology. This one from LuxFit is molded from premium high density foam and won’t lose its shape after heavy use. Buy it here.

10. Yoga Mat $22

This yoga mat from Gaiam is lightweight and durable, but still has just the right amount of cushioning and a textured non-slip surface for fantastic traction. Also comes with a free yoga workout download. Choose your pattern and buy it here.

9. Yoga Blocks $12

Achieve a deeper pose with yoga blocks that provide stability and balance. This one from Gaiam is made of durable, supportive foam and is large enough to sit on comfortably. Buy one (or two) here.

8. The Step Original Aerobic Platform $80

Whether you enjoy aerobic step workouts or you’re looking for a lifted platform for isolated exercises, the Step Original is an excellent choice. It adjusts in height to four, six or eight inches with risers, has nonskid feet, a cushioned top and can support 300 to 500 pounds depending on the risers used. A great option for strength and aerobic workouts. Buy it here.

7. Exercise Ball $23

Exercise balls just may be the most versatile piece of equipment you can have in your home. Use them for stability, yoga, pilates, play therapy, or in place of a chair for great posture support. This one is made of thick, puncture resistant PVC and has a sweat resistant non-slip grip to stay in place during vigorous workouts. Buy it here.

6. Ab Wheel $15

Sculpt stronger, leaner abs and burn calories fast with the Ab Wheel from Fitnessery. It’s made of strong stainless steel with foam padded handles for comfort and comes with a free knee pad to protect knees on hard surfaces. Buy it here.

5. Rotating Push Up Handles $14

Do your wrists feel punished after push ups? Try doing push ups with rotating handles - they put far less strain on wrists and are way more comfortable. This set is also small enough (and light enough) to pack up and take on the go. Buy a set here.

4. Upper Body Workout Bar $26

Have a doorway? Get a powerful upper body workout with this bar that uses leverage in doorways for chin-ups, and can also be used on the floor for crunches, push ups, dips and more. Buy it here.

3. Gymnastic Rings $30

Feel like an Olympian with these high quality gymnastic rings that can be easily mounted to your ceiling or wall for a fun workout you’ll love. Buy it here.

2. Elite Core Sliders $11

Slide your way to fitness with these exercise sliders that work on any surface and can help tone abs, legs, arms and back. Buy it here.

1. BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 $180

Get a full upper and lower body workout from an at home gym system that folds up compactly and weighs less than 19 pounds! Customize your workouts by using the Vector Fit base with resistance bands, limb straps, workout bar and more - it’s an all new way to get a great workout at home, or anywhere you like! Buy it here.

We always strive to bring the best deals to our members, but some products featured above may have purchase restrictions, or may not take every form of payment. To find more information, please check with the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines and/or terms and conditions.




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