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Ride Around Safely With These Reinforced Bike Helmets

Never go on a bike ride without a bicycle helmet. Whether you’re commuting to work or school on your bicycle, scooter, or skateboard, riders should wear their helmets in case of accidents and for protection. 

If you have difficulty finding the perfect helmet, we put together a selection of bicycle helmets that offer great impact absorption while still being comfortable and cool. As a MyUS member, you'll have access to all the great helmets US brands have to offer, shipped internationally and with no US sales tax!

Thrasher Bike Helmet $58.99

A black Schwinn Store Thrasher Bike Helmet with red details around the helmet

With plenty of air-ventilation holes, moisture-wicking pads, and full shell coverage, this Thrasher Bike Helmet delivers a sleek and comfy fit for all riders. Adjust the Dial Fit strip to your liking. and enjoy your next bike ride or favorite outdoor activity. Choose between twenty-two colors that match your style or your bicycle. 

This is my first bike helmet, and I always thought it would be very uncomfortable to wear, but I was wrong. This fits perfectly well, and it is so lightweight. It feels solid so I assume it would give good protection to the head. Overall a very good buy for the price,” Priyank Jitendra Ajmera says.

Kids Bike Helmet $30.99

A lime-green OUWOR Kids Bike Helmet with a black chin strap and red buckle

This Kids Bike Helmet is the perfect head covering for your little cyclists. Its impact-resistant shell and shock-absorbent EPS foam make it suitable for various outdoor sports. Parents will be relieved knowing that their children will be safe when they’re wearing an OUWOER bike helmet while riding on bikes, scooters, skateboards, sleds, and wagons. 

This is a great helmet and a great price point. The helmet is very adjustable, I can use it on my 4 yr old son and 6 yr old daughter with no issue. Very lightweight and comes with extra padding. Can't go wrong with this purchase.” states aprilrock76.

Retrospec CM-3 Bike Helmet $28.43

A Midnight Blue Retrospec CM-3 Bike Helmet with a LED Safety Light and grey chin straps

Wear this CM-3 Bike Helmet when you bike around the neighborhood or city at night. While the helmet is lightweight and aerodynamic, the LED Safety Light is its best feature! Also, it creates a secure and custom fit for all riders with a quick turn of the ErgoKnob Adjusting Dial. 

This helmet is very nice. The fit is great as it is adjustable. I love the feel of this helmet. Not too heavy, and the addition of the rear light adds to the comfort and safety levels.” Parentof4 comments.

Krash Invert LED Youth Helmet $29.97

A black Krash! Inverted LED Youth Helmet with grey stripes and orange LED fins on top

If you’re looking for a unique helmet for outdoor activities, we recommend this LED Youth Helmet. Riders of all ages will love the red rubber LED mohawk that lights up throughout the night. Also, its impact-dampening polystyrene construction makes this helmet perfectly lightweight and durable.  

My 9yo son absolutely loves this helmet!! The way it lights up is so cute. It seems to be very well made and fits perfectly for him. The straps are adjustable so it's exceptionally comfortable. We're really pleased with this helmet & since it isn't sport-specific he's able to wear it roller skating, bicycling, hoverboarding, on his 4 wheeler & his scooter! It's perfect!” MrsAH raves.

Bell Marvel Spider-Man Bike Helmet $24.97

A red Marvel Spider-Man Helmet with a black web pattern, two white eyes, and a black chin strap

Ride through the neighborhood, park, and city with this Spider-Man Bike Helmet! They can imagine themselves as their favorite web-crawling superhero without compromising safety. Children will want to play outside more, knowing that they can wear this spectacular helmet on their adventures. 

My great-grandson loves his new helmet, and there is no issue with having to wear it when he rides his bike or scooter,” Nana writes in her five-star review.

POC Omne Air Spin Bike Helmet $179.95

A white and Zink Orange AVIP POC Store Omne Air Spin Bike Helmet with a black chin strap

This Omne Air Spin Helmet offers all-around protection for road cycling, weekend rides, and daily commutes. Its streamlined design, shearing pad Inside, and adjustable fit make long rides go by like a breeze. Wear it for the next adventure or give it to anyone obsessed with extreme sports. 

So light and comfortable, fits great, easy to adjust with great protection like it’s not even there. When I got the package I thought it was empty. Loved it so much I bought two. One for each bike in different colors of course.” says Lineus.

Giro Radix MIPS Bike Helmet $100

A Matte Grey Green Women’s Giro Radix Mountain Bike Helmet

This Giro Radix Helmet provides full coverage, ventilation, and advanced MIPS protection for all biking activities. The adjustable Roc Loc system creates a customized fit in seconds, and the visor prevents debris and sunlight from getting into your eyes. This helmet makes riders feel confident to tackle busy streets and rigorous mountain trails. 

I bought this a month ago after my husband and son bought me a mountain bike so I could spend more time with them. Safety is a priority for me. This helmet fits great and feels good and secure. It makes me feel more confident in a challenging situation.” Tina states.

Joovy Noodle Helmet $29.99

A pink Joovy Noodle Helmet

Get your children ready for outdoor activities with this Joovy Noodle Helmet. It features an extended visor, adjustable pinch dial, and integrated bug mesh in the front vents. Toddlers and small children can ride their trikes and scooters without sacrificing safety. 

Bought this for my two-year-old son. I didn’t expect it to be as high quality as it is for the price. Super impressed, and am ordering for my 8-year-old now.” Chelsey comments.

Punisher 18-vent Adult Cycling Helmet $19.99

A white and black Punisher 18-Vent Adult Cycling Helmet

This Punisher Cycling helmet can help you tackle obstacles head-on. The EPS absorption liner protects your head from impacts, the visor keeps the sun out of your eyes, and the quick-release neck buckle allows easy helmet removal. Whether you’re on mountain trails or busy streets, this helmet has you covered. 

Quality seems fine on the helmet. My head is larger than that of an average grown man, so keep that in mind as it fits snug. The helmet seems to get the job done.” says shakenbakeca.

Dinosaur Bike Helmet $29.99

A blue and grey KINGBIKE Kids Dinosaur Bike Helmet with red and black chin straps

This Dinosaur Bike Helmet will inspire kids to go outside and unleash their prehistoric obsession with friends and family. It features anti-allergen interior padding, an insect mesh net, and a taillight. This one-of-a-kind helmet makes children feel like the swift Velociraptor or the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex from the comfort of their bikes. 

This helmet is super cute and makes it easy to convince my preschooler to wear his helmet while riding his bike. The helmet fit of the helmet is very easy to adjust. The light on the back is multi-colored and is easy to turn on/off. Great helmet!” Kaley J. raves. 

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