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Decorate Your Home With New Art!

Freshen up the look of any room in your home with new art!

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10. Mason Jar Sconces $20

Mason Jar Sconces

Bring a little farmhouse charm to any space in your home with these Mason Jar Sconces. Each one is filled with a string of lights and a beautiful faux floral arrangement. Buy the set here.  

9. USA License Plate Map $100

USA License Plate Map

American expats will love this handcrafted map of the USA. While it's a single piece of aluminum, the states were constructed from license plate images from each state for a one-of-a-kind piece of décor that's a must have for any collector of Americana. Buy one here.

8. Red String Heart Art Block $24

 Red String Heart Art Block

Add a little love to your mantle, desk, or wall arrangement with this sweet handmade heart. Get yours here.

7. Wood Wall Art Puzzle Piece $19

Wood Wall Art Puzzle Piece

Unique and ready to hang, this wall art shaped like a puzzle piece shares your love for your family with the quote "What I Love About Home is Who I Share it with." Buy it here

6. Milk and Cream Company Clock $23

Milk and Cream Company Clock

Bring rustic charm to your kitchen with this farmhouse clock that's battery operated and comes ready to hang. Buy one here

5. Metal Wall Organizer $39

Metal Wall Organizer

Add storage space in the kitchen, at your desk, or near an entryway with decorative flair with this stylish metal wall organizer. Buy it here.  

4. Scattered Italian Plates Metal Wall Art $65

Scattered Italian Plates Metal Wall Art

Fill your home with the feel of the Tuscan countryside with this metal wall art sculpture featuring an array of 6 hand-painted plates arranged on timeless metal scrollwork. Buy it here

3. "family" Raw Steel Art $17

Raw Steel Art

Whether hung by itself or in a group of family photos, this "family" sign made of raw steel will enhance any space. Buy it here

2. Sea Turtle Wall Art $29

Sea Turtle Wall Art

Bring the feel of the ocean into your home with this charming metal wall art featuring four traveling turtles in varying shades of green. Buy it here

1. Elko Gear Wall Art with Clock $67 

Elko Gear Wall Art with Clock

Keep time and add an industrial touch to any space with this wall art featuring gears and wheels with a real clock in the center. Buy it here

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