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Introducing Low USPS First Class Shipping Rates with MyUS!

MyUS just introduced new low price shipping options for 21 countries, just in time to shop great holiday deals from the USA! Now you can ship to your international doorstep for lower than you ever have before!

Shipping is Now Cheaper Than Ever With USPS First Class!

Stop overpaying for shipping. As a member, you get access to special discounted USPS First Class shipping rates. Plus, with MyUS TruePrice, you only pay based on package weight, not package size like other shippers use for pricing. That can result in $10, $30, $60+ savings for every shipment!

New low shipping rates from USPS start at just....

Country 1-Pound Rate
Angola $14.99
Bermuda $31.99
Brazil $11.99
Brunei $12.99
Canada $9.99
Cayman Islands $14.99
Hong Kong $16.99
Iceland $13.99
Indonesia $13.99
Japan $12.99
Jordan $14.99
Maldives $24.99
New Zealand $12.99
Nigeria $16.99
Oman $14.99
Philippines $13.99
Qatar $12.99
Russia $10.99
Singapore $9.99
Tahiti (French Polynesia) $14.99
Turks & Caicos $14.99

Important things to know when taking advantage of these low USPS First Class rates:

  • Available for packages weighing 1-4 pounds (0.45 kg - 1.8 kg)
  • Package contents must be valued under $400 USD
  • Total package size must be under 36 square inches (232 square cm) and have no sides that measure longer than 24 inches (60 cm)
  • Premier Package Consolidation is not available 
  • Package tracking is limited and may not be available in your country 
  • Not available for shipping "dangerous goods" 
  • Expect delivery in 7-14 days

Ready to get back to shopping the U.S. stores you love? Claim your free 30-day MyUS trial today.

Start your free trial with MyUS so you can get what you love from the USA with the lowest rates ever (just in time for the holidays):

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  3. We ship your packages to your international doorstep! 

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