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Cool Gamer and Gadget Technology Trends from the USA

For those that always want the best new technology available, this year's largest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the USA is the place to find the latest innovations for 2012. While some went the show to find out when the iPhone 5 was going to finally be released or whether the iPad 3 would be on display, others enjoyed learning about interesting new gadgets like the Swivl or Liquipel.

Here are a few of the more interesting items you'll want to stay on the look-out for - coming to a USA store soon. As always, the MyUS Facebook and Twitter pages are the places to get the most up-to-date information on new releases and where to find these products.

1. Swivl - If you have used your iPhone or iPod Touch for filming, you'll find this new gadget to be useful. It is a motorized base with motion sensors that holds your iPhone or iPod Touch. It has a start/stop and built-in microphone that makes videoing simple.
2. Liquipel - While this won't be the best product you'll ever find, it could be the most important. As much money as we spend on our iPhones and Smartphones these days, you'll want to protect them. Liquipel is a technology that applies a nano-coating to electronics that waterproofs both inside and out.
3. Razor Project Fiona - Tablets were all the rage this year. This cool tech trend is a tablet for the ultimate gamer. With a Core i7 processor, two controllers and a 10" touchscreen, it takes gaming mobile. Release date is scheduled for later this year.
4. Samsung 55" OLED Display - No matter which blog or news story you read about this year's show, you'll hear about the new OLED displays. The ultra-thin display has amazing sharpness and color that brings home theater to the next level.
5. Nest - While this wasn't introduced at CES it has become very popular. Nest is your smart, wireless thermostat for your home. It programs itself and adapts to how you live.

Currently most of these products are only available in USA stores, but luckily for our MyUS customers, that's not a problem. For more information on joining MyUS, click here.


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