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German Bloggers We Are Loving This Year

We can't help it, we're addicted to these German bloggers! They touch on all things beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel and more. They have it all!

Even if you don't live in Germany, you will still fall in love. Meet the bloggers you will want to follow in 2018: 

Leonie Hanne

Influencer Leanie Hanne wearing over the knee black boots and sweater outside Germany

Leonie quit her corporate career to fulfill her dream of having her own fashion and lifestyle blog. She has made a name for herself, not only in Germany but around the world, with her blog ohhcouture! She loves creating visual stories and sharing her wanderlust with her followers.

Follow her Instagram and check out her blog!

Sami Slimani

Influencer Sami Slimani wearing a gray suit

Sami is the leading male influencer in Germany and has a following worldwide! His YouTube channel is filled with fun DIY videos and his Instagram displays his love for travel and fashion. 

Follow his blog don't forget to check out his Instagram and YouTube

Caroline Daur 

Influencer Caroline Daur wearing a red dress on giant staircase

Caro uses pictures to tell a story of her personality and style. Her blog talks about not only fashion and beauty, but also her travels! She has worked with brands like Fendi, Dior, Adidas, Cartier and many more. She hopes to inspire her followers to live their personal dreams.

Check out her blog and Instagram

Caroline Einhoff

Influencer Caroline Einhoff wearing blue romper and high heeled boots in desert

Her motts is don't let your dreams be just dreams, and Caroline did just that! She started out on Instagram and has been able to create her own blog because of her followers interests. She talks about not only fashion and beauty, but travel and fitness as well.

Take a look at her blog Its Me Caro and on Instagram


Influencer Anni in sweater and over the knee black boots holding Louis Vuitton bag

Anni's blog is called Fashion Hippie Loves and it talks about beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle and even interior. Her Instagram is filled with bright fun pictures showing her fashion forward outfits and fun interior.

Check out her blog and Instagram

Jacqueline Mikuta & Klemens White

Influencers Jacqueline Mikuta and Klemens White laughing on couch drinking champagne

Jacquelie and Klemens merged to create Mikuta. They take their own photos and try to follow a high-quality sophisticated look. On their blog you can learn more about their look, lifestyle and travel! 

Check them out on Instagram and their blog Mikuta

Ema Louise

Influencer Ema Louise sitting on curb of sidwalk in a oversized green jacket

Not only does Ema blog about fashion beauty and lifestyle, but she also has an Instagram showing off her travels and a YouTube channel filled with life updates, product tips and reviews! 

Give her a follow! 

Nina Schwichtenberg

Influencer Nina Schwichtenberg walking up steps in floral wide leg pants

Nina started the successful fashion blog called Fashiioncarpet with Patrick Kahlo. Nina has worked with brands like Vogue, L'Oreal Paris, Michael Kors, Hunter and more! Their blog covers topics from fashion and beauty to interior, travel and lifestyle.

Give their blog a read and find Nina on Instagram!

Maria Astor

Influencer Maria Astor looking up to the sky wearing a striped shirt and black jeans

Maria started her blog called Masha Sedgwick in 2010 and it has become a hit! She uses it as a kind of diary where she talks about personal and serious topics as well as beauty and travel! It's her goal to always stay true to herself.

Check out her blog and give her a follow on Instagram

Alexandra Lapp

Influencer Alexandra Lapp wearing bright red and pink with red ribbon heels

Alexandra has a love for fashion and shares it with her followers through pictures and blog posts! She blends classics with the latest trends to create new looks. On her blog she not only talks about fashion, but travel, lifestyle, beauty and looks as well.

Find her outfits on Instagram and her blog

Jessie Weib

Influencer Jessie Weib on the stairs carrying a net bag and wearing a gray blazer

Jessie started her blog Journelles and it has become one of the largest German language fashion blogs. She takes her readers on trips around the globe as she talks about beauty and lifestyle trends. She even started a Mini Journelles in honor of becoming a mother! 

Follow her travels on Instagram and give her blog a read! 

Özlem Han-Dalman

Influencer Ozlem Han-Dalman wearing black combat boots and floral kimono

Not only is Özlem a fashion blogger, but she holds a job as an economics and welding engineer! Her blog FashionMonger talks about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 

Follow her on Instagram and give her blog a read! 

Jana Wind

Influencer Jana Wind wearing long striped dress and white shoes walking on sand

Jana started her blog called Bekleidet where she writes about her experiences and shares pictures with her readers. She touches on fashion, travel, interior, food and DIY. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of  her and her surroundings.

Give her a follow on Instagram and check out her blog

Linda M.

Influencer Linda M sitting on stairs wearing black leather jacket and ripped jeans

Linda's blog, Lindarella, talks about fashion, fitness, travel, food and her lifestyle!  Her Instagram is filled with pictures from her travels, fitness activities and new foods that she tries! She is even on YouTube

Give her a follow! 

Alessa Winter 

Influencer Alessa Winter sitting against a palm tree with scrunchie in her hair

Her blog, awwhatever, has fashion, photography and travel for her readers to discover. Alessa has a love for travel and fashion and you can see this in awwhatever and on her Instagram!

Give her a follow!


Influencer Jacky posing on rooftop in floor length trench coat

Whatelse is Jacky's virtual fashion and outfit diary! She wants to inspire readers, show them her passion and share life experiences. Her goal is to keep producing exciting content what(t) else?! 

Follow her on Instagram and check out Whatelse

Jane Wayne

Influencer Jane Wayne sitting on wooden bench wearing khakis and converse shoes

In Jane's blog This Is Jane Wayne you can read about outfits, feminism, beauty, interior and culture. Her Instagram is a collection of daily outfits, inspirations, and colorful images!

Check out This Is Jane Wayne and give her Instagram a follow

Jean-Claude Mpassy 

Influencer Jean-Claude Mpassy wearing a black leather jacket and jeans

Jean-Claude is from Berlin, but living in Vienna. His blog New Kiss on the Blog talks about fashion, street style, travel and has a section for females too! He brings visuals together with writing to show his love of menswear.

Check out his blog and give him a follow on Instagram

Vicky Klieber 

Influencer Vicky Klieber wearing a multi colored cardigan with red heels

Vicky started The Golden Bun as a platform for photography and her passion for fashion. Now she talks about not only style and travel, but focus on lifestyle! She has a passion for travel and loves that her followers come from many different destinations.

Give her blog a read and follow her Instagram

Who are your favorite bloggers from Germany? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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