How to Shop Little Mistress and Ship Internationally in 3 Easy Steps

How to Ship Little Mistress US Internationally

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How Does MyUS International Shipping Work?

We’ll show you how to get international shipping from Little Mistress UK. When you sign up for a MyUS account, you'll gain access to easily shop across one of the most popular retail stores in the UK.

After following these quick steps below, you’ll be able to ship from Little Mistress to Australia, Canada, the US, India, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, Israel, South Korea, or any other country*!

“ doesn’t ship to my country.”

Have you seen an item on only to find out Little Mistress doesn’t ship to your home country? We understand that frustration, and we're here to fix it. Thanks to MyUS, you no longer have to ask, "Does Little Mistress ship to my country?"

Even though Little Mistress doesn’t ship directly to all countries, MyUS has helped millions of online shoppers buy from Little Mistress by providing MyUS members with a UK shipping address (and a US sale tax-free address). Ship your Little Mistress purchases to MyUS, or items from thousands of other stores, and we reship to you anywhere in the world!* A MyUS ship forwarding address is your access to shop UK and US stores.

“ does ship to my country, but it’s really expensive.”

  • Little Mistress may ship to your country but at a marked-up price. In addition to MyUS being an accessibility option for when Little Mistress doesn’t ship an item to your country, MyUS is also a cost-saving option for ordering an item from Little Mistress and then reshipping it to your home country often at a lower total cost than the shipping price Little Mistress would charge.
  • If a store has an online presence in your home country, MyUS members also find their UK address allows them to shop for products and sales offered on the store’s UK site which may be unavailable on the store’s website setup for your home country.
  • Accessibility to shop Little Mistress internationally while saving money is at your fingertips with a UK shipping and forwarding address.




MyUS Membership Types

Single Package | Free Membership | Ship One Package From One Store

If you ship less frequently, a free Single-Package membership might be what you’re looking for. The free Single Package membership still gives you both UK & US shipping addresses while giving you the flexibility to only ship when you need to!

Single Package Benefits:

  • UK and US shipping addresses
  • US sales TAX-FREE shopping: Your MyUS address is sales tax-free. Automatically save 7% every time you shop!
  • Exclusive shipping discounts

Premium Membership | Free 30 Day Trial | Ship Multiple Packages From Multiple Stores

If you need to ship multiple items from Little Mistress, or even orders from other stores, you can save money with package consolidation by signing up for a paid Premium membership. Package consolidation allows you to combine items from multiple stores into one package at no additional cost, so you maximize your savings! When a package arrives in your MyUS suite, you can forward it to your home address immediately, or you can wait for additional packages to arrive in your suite and combine multiple items into one package. Why spend more shipping multiple packages when you can spend less by combining them into one package with MyUS? In fact, package consolidation can save you up to 80% off standard international shipping rates.

Another perk of Premium membership is you get a 30-day free trial and can cancel anytime. We want to earn your business. Your free trial is an opportunity for you to test MyUS out. No long-term commitment is required, so you have nothing to lose!

Your Premium Membership includes all the following perks at no additional cost to the monthly membership fee:

  • UK and US shipping addresses
  • FREE 30-Day Trial: After the 30-day free trial, there are no commitments - cancel at any time.
  • US sales TAX-FREE shopping: Your MyUS address is sales tax-free. Automatically save 7% every time you shop!
  • Discounted Ship Rates: Being a Premium MyUS member unlocks even lower ship rates than what’s offered to Single Package customers.
  • Free Package Consolidation: MyUS packing experts will combine multiple packages into one for maximum shipping cost savings.
  • Free Package Repacking: MyUS packing experts repack every box to ensure your purchases are protected and packaged in the most cost-effective way.
  • Free Package Storage for 30 Days: Purchases are securely housed in our facility, allowing time for multiple package delivery and maximum consolidation savings.




How to Shop Little Mistress Overseas in 3 Steps


Step 1: Get a MyUS account
Step 2: Shop from Little Mistress & Ship to Your UK Address
Step 3: Ship From the UK to Your Home Address

Step 1: Get a MyUS account

Sign up for a free Single Package or Premium membership by clicking here to get a UK address and a US sales tax-free US address with a suite number that’s unique to you.

Step 2: Shop from Little Mistress & Ship to Your UK Address
Little Mistress Member Checkout (for guest checkout scroll down to step 2B

  • If you have a Little Mistress account after signing in, hover over the person logo in the top right. Then click on “Address Book”:

Little Mistress Member Home Page


  • Little Mistress Member Checkout: Now click “View Addresses” then “Add a New Address”:

Little Mistress Account Information

  • Little Mistress Member Checkout: You can now enter your UK shipping address and suite number (address line 2) as the delivery address. Tick the box that makes it your default address. Click the “Add Address” button to lock it in:

Add MyUS Address to Little Mistress Member Checkout

  • Step 2B (Little Mistress Guest Checkout): After going through the checkout process you can now enter your UK shipping address and suite number (address line 2) as the delivery address:

Add MyUS Address to Little Mistress Guest Checkout

Step 3: Ship From MyUS to Your Home Address

After you place a Little Mistress order with your MyUS address, we’ll notify you once your item arrives at your MyUS suite, at which point, depending on your membership type:

  • For Single Package members, we’ll automatically forward to your home address, making the hand-off seamlessly convenient for you.
  • Premium members have the option to either auto-ship the item to their home or elect to have MyUS store their items while they wait for more packages to arrive to then combine multiple packages into one shipment to their home.




Top Little Mistress Categories

Now that you’ve added your UK ship address to your Little Mistress account, here are some of Little Mistress’ best-selling product categories to start shopping through:



Little Mistress Domestic UK Shipping Prices & Methods

Little Mistress delivers to only within the UK. MyUS is a valuable option for you to combine Little Mistress packages with packages from other stores before shipping directly to you.

A MyUS membership also allows you to compare MyUS international shipping rates to Little Mistress international shipping rates. Our members often find MyUS international ship rates are lower than the international ship rates offered through stores because MyUS has negotiated competitive ship rates with top global carriers.

Shipping prices were retrieved from on March 21st, 2024.



About Little Mistress 

Little Mistress History

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Since launching in 2010, Little Mistress has become the go-to destination for head-turning occasionwear and effortless day-to-night style. They design collections in-house from their London HQ. They focus on high-quality couture-like details to make sure that everyone who wears their fashion, stands out from the crowd. As a new powerhouse in the fashion industry, they won Young Fashion Brand of the Year multiple times and had bestselling collections.



Little Mistress FAQs

Does Little Mistress ship internationally?

-Little Mistress delivers only within the UK. MyUS members have found a MyUS ship address that allows them to shop for items and sales found only on the Little Mistress website while perhaps unavailable on the international sites, also while paying $0 US sales tax. Stores that do ship worldwide often charge ship rates higher than MyUS’ rates. MyUS Premium members also benefit from bundling their Little Mistress packages with packages from countless other US stores, at no additional charge!

Does Little Mistress ship to package forwarders (such as MyUS)?

-Yes, Little Mistress ships to package forwarders with no issue.

What size is right for me?

-Make sure that your Little Mistress purchase is right for you with the Little Mistress size guide.

What is the Wellness Program?

-Little Mistress has started a collaboration with Leigh Linton for an exclusive at-home fitness program that you can learn more about here.

Where can I find the Little Mistress Race-Day collection?

-You can find the Little Mistress Race-Day collection here.




*MyUS shipping is limited or not available in the following countries/territories: Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Palestine, Palestinian Territories, Russia, South Sudan, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.