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Flag: Australia
Australia Oct-30-2018

Just received my first package and wanted to say a big Thank you! The package arrived earlier than expected and in perfect condition. Your service was sensational. Thanks MyUS Team.

- Kord

Flag: Angola
Angola Oct-22-2018

At first I was afraid to put my visa card details on a website that was unknown to me. The more I tried once then I never stop because MyUS is the best. The merchandise arrives at the right time, good organization and very safe. I have recommended MyUS to many friends and colleagues. Thank you very much.

- Manuel K.

Flag: Ireland
Ireland Oct-18-2018

First time user of MYUS and what can I say - very impressed! Package arrived a couple of days ago, ahead of time and in perfect condition. Process was seamless and would definitely recommend MYUS to other international purchasers. Thank you!

- Patrick C.

Flag: Spain
Spain Aug-22-2018

I just would like to say thanks for your great service. Everything was packed perfect and arrived quickly. Now I can start to restore my 1991 Thunderbird. Even if I don`t buy more parts for a couple of month, I am glad to stay with my suite. Thanks again to all of your team.

- Gert

Flag: Qatar
Qatar Aug-19-2018

Im very happy thanks myus

- Sheikha H.

Flag: Canada
Canada Aug-11-2018

Just I can say you are amazing. Appreciated for quick shipping and nice packing and the best supporting.

- Amirali B.

Flag: Canada
Canada Jul-12-2018

I have had some questions with managing my account. I chatted with 2 different people on different questions and days. The service both times was excellent. Very thorough and pleasant answers. I am missing the name of the person from case XXXXX and just talked to Colleen Anne C. Both people were most helpful.

- Sylvia M.

Flag: Japan
Japan Jul-06-2018

Thanks to Jeremy for doing such a great job with my packages. They were consolidated into one box, (I thought it would have been two) and I was very concerned about the books being shipped together with the hair coloring, and other liquids. Oh, it reached really quickly as well. It was shipped on Monday and I got it by Thursday. Thanks again.

- Mona Lisa

Flag: Nigeria
Nigeria Jun-01-2018

Excellent Site!

- Yusuf A.

Flag: Spain
Spain May-31-2018

Excellent Fast Reliable Service! Easy straight foward site to use! Great choice of shipping option's ! Recommended !!

- Paul

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