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Flag: United States
United States Jan-19-2018

Live chat was exceptional, the single best live chat experience i have ever recieved, fast, helpful and professional in every sense. i thank him and myUS

- isaac

Flag: United States
United States May-02-2017

MyUS is unquestionable the best forwarding service operating today. It's expanded new opportunities for our business by being able to export products at a price where we can now compete with other overseas suppliers. Trying to send products containing Lithium batteries is usually a nightmare, MyUs not only has processes to deal with this category of goods, but the prices are 75% lower than sending through our Corporate account. If you want an edge in today's highly competitive World, then MyUs is the only real option.

- Jason

Flag: United States
United States Mar-14-2017

MyUs did an amazing job shipping my package to Pakistan! It got there in 3 days, way sooner than I expected. In perfect condition. A little pricy but worth every penny to me! Thank you MyUs!

- Janessa

Flag: United States
United States Nov-21-2016

Great and thorough customer service via live chat with Luke. He made every effort to assist me with my issue until it had been solved.

- Ryan W.

Flag: United States
United States Aug-23-2016

Thanks for packing this shipment to me SO nicely. It was a pleasure and very exciting to open. And I loved the note you wrote on the packing card: "Thanks; Enjoy!" You have no idea quite how much! But I shall! Have great time doing what you are obviously proud of.

- Justin W.

Flag: United States
United States Aug-11-2016

Jessica D! Thank you thank you personally! That's all I needed to send my packages! I am very glad that you are working in this company! I have changed for the better thanks to the company only to you! Once again thank you for everything, for your good work and help!

- Ekaterina A.

Flag: United States
United States Feb-09-2016

Thanks for the packaging that was done on my last shipment. You want my honest feedback, I think it was greatly done. I love the precision on the compact nature of the packaging. The size was just right. Keep it up and thanks.

- Kingsley I.

Flag: United States
United States Jan-23-2016

Just a quick note to thank you for the fine job you are doing for us. We received our latest shipment a few days ago and could help but notice how well it was packed. Everything arrived in good order. Thank you for helping us.

- Fred C.

Flag: United States
United States Oct-07-2015

I had great service from MyUS. I also used the live chat and the agent that helped me was able to help me resolve my problem quickly.

- Joan

Flag: United States
United States Jul-08-2015

Thank you for shipping my things! I love MyUS!!!

- Steve

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