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Our members love our top-rated service and how easy and worry-free we make shopping and shipping from the USA!

Flag: Australia
Australia Sep-01-2015

The service is "second to none". Absolutely brilliant!!! Recommend to all my friends… I have used this service 6 times now. Very helpful professional SERVICE. Many thanks.

- Lois

Flag: Pakistan
Pakistan Aug-31-2015

I love the web site they do an awesome job.

- Taha S.

Flag: Angola
Angola Aug-29-2015

Eu gostaria de dizer que estou satisfeito com os serviços prestado pela MyUS, realizei varias compras e nao tive problema é real e verdadeiro. Estou grato por isso!

- Antonio M.

Flag: United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates Aug-27-2015

I can`t believe I received the materials in less than 2 days. From the time I placed the request for shipping to receiving it took exactly 44 hours. Very reliable. Thanks for the good support from customer service executive Ms Angel.

- Raihan

Flag: Maldives
Maldives Aug-25-2015

I was skeptical at first, but I must say MyUS provides an excellent service. I couldn not have brought a laptop from the US to the Maldives this cheap. The online chat is top-notch as well. Would like to give a shout out to Kelly.

- Ahmed N.

Flag: South Africa
South Africa Aug-20-2015

Outstanding customer communication, i.e., prompt and helpful, and shipping was very fast. Thank you.

- Kotze J.

Flag: Maldives
Maldives Aug-14-2015

My item was processed and shipped on the same day! Wow! I am really impressed! Thanks you MyUS! Shipping cost is lower than others. Fast response from their FB page is a plus. ??

- Mohamed.a.l

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Aug-14-2015

MyUS is the best shipping experience I have ever had. BEST OF THE BEST ( simple as it is ) :)

- Mohammad Z.

Flag: United Kingdom
United Kingdom Aug-11-2015

MyUS opened a whole new world of shopping experience for me. I have always loved shopping from the USA. Now I can do it from multiple sites with the help of very friendly MyUS.

- Sarah L.

Flag: India
India Aug-10-2015

Love the new web site. Easy to navigate and looks cool!

- Sanjay D.

Flag: Maldives
Maldives Aug-10-2015

Best service I have ever used. Fastest and reliable shipping. Thank you MyUS and all service staff.

- Mohamed L.

Flag: Angola
Angola Aug-10-2015

When I first thought about online shopping, the first thing that came to my mind was this; there is no way goods are going to get shipped to me. Thanks to MyUS extraordinary and timely work, I can have the joy of shopping the greatest goods from US. I couldnt be much happier. Keep it up MyUS global!!

- Paulo

Flag: Maldives
Maldives Aug-10-2015

MyUS is simply my "best friend" in the United States. Absolutely awesome!

- Aly

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Aug-10-2015

"My first experience with MyUS was so wonderful. Packaging was professional, and received shipment ahead of schedule by one day, in just three days.Thank you MyUS crew."

- Abdulaziz A.

Flag: Netherlands
Netherlands Jul-30-2015

Excellent! It took only 3 days to get my package! Very happy customer since a few years now. MyUS was part of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program couple of years ago. That is the reason I knew it had to be a good and trustworthy company.

- Desiree

Flag: Maldives
Maldives Jul-29-2015

4 years it has been and I'm really grateful for the service MyUS is providing. Really appreciate it.

- Hassan Saameeh

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Jul-26-2015

I had one of the most great and enjoyable experiences with MyUS when I shipped my items and the packaging was good and fast shipped. Thank you so much MyUS for giving us the best opportunity in online and worldwide shopping and shipping service. Regards Mahmood Kidwai

- Mahmood Kidwai

Flag: Mozambique
Mozambique Jul-13-2015

I would suggest to use this service. 100% excellent services.

- Fred Almeida

Flag: United States
United States Jul-08-2015

Thank you for shipping my things! I love MyUS!!!

- Steve

Flag: New Zealand
New Zealand Jun-29-2015

Very efficient service. I am keen to use MyUS again. Thanks :-)

- Jo