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David H, New Zealand

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Edy V, Belgium

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Ellen V, The Netherlands

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Flag: Russia
Russia May-14-2016

Прибыл мой товар на, упаковано очень хорошо и по времени все вовремя.Спасибо!

- Дмитрий

Flag: Russia
Russia Mar-05-2016

Very happy with my package prepared by Ed, the packing expert. Everything was very neatly folded and arranged, and it all arrived safely - and it always makes my day to receive my packages :) Thank you for your work!

- Yulia G.

Flag: Russia
Russia Aug-05-2014

Excellent organization good service recommend

- Pavel budanov

Flag: Russia
Russia Jul-07-2014

Very good service. Thank you very much

- Pavel Budanov

Flag: Russia
Russia Sep-17-2013

Thank you for your excellent job. You are the Best!! My husband and children also send you Thank you!!!!

- Evgeniya

Flag: Russia
Russia Sep-10-2013

Dear MyUS managers and employees! I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for what you do! The work you do means so much to me. You give people all over the world an opportunity to have more freedom of choice. Thanks to you I've been able to find better things for my child

- Yulia

Flag: Russia
Russia Jul-16-2013

THANK YOU SO - SO MUCH for your work - your help understanding attention and quick service! Everything is excellent quick and easy! I love your team and I'm very happy to be your client!

- Yuliya

Flag: Russia
Russia Jul-02-2013

I want to say thanks to the team. Always quick work. Very convenient service. A pleasure to work with you. Packages arrive without delay. For emerging issues very attentive. Thank you very much. I will continue to use your service and recommend to your friends

- elena

Flag: Russia
Russia Jan-29-2013

I want to thank for delivering my order. I found this service by accident and that was really a salvation for me. The service is very very good. My package was delivered within 3 or 4 days this is fantastic!

- Tatiana

Flag: Russia
Russia Jan-09-2013

Many thanks to!!! I just have got my 2 shipments! Great service! quickly attentively well! 100% will recommend it to everyone!


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