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Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland May-29-2018

Exciting service. Responsive and careful. Thank you very much. Highly recommended.

- Markus

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland Jan-19-2018

Used the MyUS services for more than once now, and must say that I am impressed. From the website to the packaging and speed, it simply all just works! Highly recommended!

- Martijn Z.

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland Nov-20-2017

Good job everythink is OK Thank you.

- Moez

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland Jul-20-2016

In the past few weeks I have received two packages from the US that were carefully packed by Eric. I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I am very grateful for this service and that I am very happy that my materials were so carefully and discreetly packed. Thank you so much and keep up the good work Eric!

- Natalie A.

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland Jul-04-2016

The delivery arrived very well packed and completely unharmed!

- Roberto K.

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland Jun-16-2016

Everything arrived in perfect condition, well packed and so quick! Many thanks to all your team for your excellent service!

- Dana C.

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland May-31-2016

The package was great, all in order, did with care. Thanks to Will for his job.

- Jérémie L.

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland May-31-2016

I would like to thank Justin for the very accurate way he prepared the parcel I recently received. The goods were cleverly assembled like a Tetris game so that they all arrived in perfect condition. He is definitely a packing expert 😊.

- Cristina A

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland May-20-2016

I just got your "feed-back" card in the last parcel that arrived yesterday perfectly in line with the tracking schedule. Just wanted to let you know that on my side, all your involved teams get a best in class for their job. - very professional - timely - excellent packaging with all required protections for the different items Just excellent. Thank you for your outstanding job, simply keep going.

- Albert L.

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland May-12-2016

Justin did a fantastic job packaging my parcel. Thanks for that.

- Sandra B.

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