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Our members love our top-rated service and how easy and worry-free we make shopping and shipping from the USA!

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Sep-22-2015

I appreciate your professional work, the shipment was on time and very protected. Thank you a lot.

- Zaher A.

Flag: United Kingdom
United Kingdom Sep-21-2015

I bought a Danby Portable Washer via MyUS and they could not have been more helpful, from start to finish. I could not find a site that sold them in the UK so I had to get a MyUS shopper to make the purchase for me. The item was sent from to the MyUS warehouse and I was informed every step of the way from the order made to Amazon, to MyUS receiving the package, to the shipping details via DHL. I would just like to say a big thank you to all concerned for their help through this process, the machine arrived promptly and looks just fine, only used a couple of times thus far, but all is good.

- Christopher R.

Flag: Antigua & Barb.
Antigua & Barb. Sep-15-2015

Keep up the good work guys. I have tried other companies but they all fall short. What I like most is the quick ship out.

- Shayne

Flag: Canada
Canada Sep-10-2015

Amazing! I was always reluctant to use shipping services, but MyUS has been outstanding and relieved any skepticism I had about using their services! I received instant notification once MyUS received my package and got next day delivery to Canada! I have never experienced such great shipping services. Finally, I am able to shop online at stores that don`t ship to Canada thanks to MyUS! :)

- Jenna

Flag: Angola
Angola Sep-10-2015

I`ve been using MyUS since 2013 and I`ve never had problems. I`m really enjoying your trusted services and I want to thank you guys for that. Keep up the work in that direction. You are doing a really really good job, and I will continue to use your services. Thank you for everything.

- Antonio L.

Flag: Australia
Australia Sep-01-2015

The service is "second to none". Absolutely brilliant!!! Recommend to all my friends… I have used this service 6 times now. Very helpful professional SERVICE. Many thanks.

- Lois

Flag: Pakistan
Pakistan Aug-31-2015

I love the web site they do an awesome job.

- Taha S.

Flag: Angola
Angola Aug-29-2015

Eu gostaria de dizer que estou satisfeito com os serviços prestado pela MyUS, realizei varias compras e nao tive problema é real e verdadeiro. Estou grato por isso!

- Antonio M.

Flag: United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates Aug-27-2015

I can`t believe I received the materials in less than 2 days. From the time I placed the request for shipping to receiving it took exactly 44 hours. Very reliable. Thanks for the good support from customer service executive Ms Angel.

- Raihan

Flag: Maldives
Maldives Aug-25-2015

I was skeptical at first, but I must say MyUS provides an excellent service. I couldn not have brought a laptop from the US to the Maldives this cheap. The online chat is top-notch as well. Would like to give a shout out to Kelly.

- Ahmed N.

Flag: South Africa
South Africa Aug-20-2015

Outstanding customer communication, i.e., prompt and helpful, and shipping was very fast. Thank you.

- Kotze J.

Flag: Maldives
Maldives Aug-14-2015

My item was processed and shipped on the same day! Wow! I am really impressed! Thanks you MyUS! Shipping cost is lower than others. Fast response from their FB page is a plus. ??

- Mohamed.a.l

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Aug-14-2015

MyUS is the best shipping experience I have ever had. BEST OF THE BEST ( simple as it is ) :)

- Mohammad Z.

Flag: United Kingdom
United Kingdom Aug-11-2015

MyUS opened a whole new world of shopping experience for me. I have always loved shopping from the USA. Now I can do it from multiple sites with the help of very friendly MyUS.

- Sarah L.

Flag: India
India Aug-10-2015

Love the new web site. Easy to navigate and looks cool!

- Sanjay D.

Flag: Maldives
Maldives Aug-10-2015

Best service I have ever used. Fastest and reliable shipping. Thank you MyUS and all service staff.

- Mohamed L.

Flag: Angola
Angola Aug-10-2015

When I first thought about online shopping, the first thing that came to my mind was this; there is no way goods are going to get shipped to me. Thanks to MyUS extraordinary and timely work, I can have the joy of shopping the greatest goods from US. I couldnt be much happier. Keep it up MyUS global!!

- Paulo

Flag: Maldives
Maldives Aug-10-2015

MyUS is simply my "best friend" in the United States. Absolutely awesome!

- Aly

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Aug-10-2015

"My first experience with MyUS was so wonderful. Packaging was professional, and received shipment ahead of schedule by one day, in just three days.Thank you MyUS crew."

- Abdulaziz A.

Flag: Netherlands
Netherlands Jul-30-2015

Excellent! It took only 3 days to get my package! Very happy customer since a few years now. MyUS was part of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year program couple of years ago. That is the reason I knew it had to be a good and trustworthy company.

- Desiree