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Our members love our top-rated service and how easy and worry-free we make shopping and shipping from the USA!

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Nov-16-2015

MyUS is in a league of their own. I have never seen such service anywhere and thats why I will now recommend them to others. The speed is brilliant AND no surprises!!!!

- Yousef A.

Flag: Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Best service ever. Great customer service and fast shipping. always exceeding my expectations. Thank You MyUS

- Teva

Flag: Canada
Canada Nov-13-2015

Very pleased with your service. Love shopping the various US sites. Thanks MyUS.

- Robert F.

Flag: Angola
Angola Nov-07-2015

It's really incredible dealing with MyUS.

- Andre C.

Flag: Canada
Canada Nov-05-2015

Great site. Great customer service. Timely notifications and super fast shipping. Thank you MyUS.

- Chris F.

Flag: Angola
Angola Nov-05-2015

Honestly speaking you guys are just fantastic team.

- Carlos B.

Flag: Ghana
Ghana Nov-03-2015

I must say MyUS has turned my life around. Previously I had to wait until family and friends are coming from the States before I can get anything I want from the USA to Ghana. But thanks to MyUS I buy the most important things I need and receive them in Ghana within days. I am very happy thanks to MyUS.

- Manny Kofi Ofosu

Flag: Australia
Australia Oct-28-2015

Amazing First Class Service!

- Caroline

Flag: Australia
Australia Oct-19-2015

Amazing! Personal shopper price was very reasonable! Item came in a very secure package. Original box came with no dents/ scratches / etc. Highly recommend!

- Tammy

Flag: United States
United States Oct-07-2015

I had great service from MyUS. I also used the live chat and the agent that helped me was able to help me resolve my problem quickly.

- Joan

Flag: Congo, DRC
Congo, DRC Oct-07-2015

Very much impressed with MyUS - I bought makeup products from NYX cosmetics and Urban Decay. My package arrived on time, well packed and protected. I love, love, love, them and will use them very often!

- Alice

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Oct-07-2015

Best service ever. Always exceeding my expectations.

- Saud H.

Flag: Fiji
Fiji Sep-29-2015

I just received my first shipment from MyUS. Great service really fast.

- Jill

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Sep-22-2015

I appreciate your professional work, the shipment was on time and very protected. Thank you a lot.

- Zaher A.

Flag: United Kingdom
United Kingdom Sep-21-2015

I bought a Danby Portable Washer via MyUS and they could not have been more helpful, from start to finish. I could not find a site that sold them in the UK so I had to get a MyUS shopper to make the purchase for me. The item was sent from to the MyUS warehouse and I was informed every step of the way from the order made to Amazon, to MyUS receiving the package, to the shipping details via DHL. I would just like to say a big thank you to all concerned for their help through this process, the machine arrived promptly and looks just fine, only used a couple of times thus far, but all is good.

- Christopher R.

Flag: Antigua & Barb.
Antigua & Barb. Sep-15-2015

Keep up the good work guys. I have tried other companies but they all fall short. What I like most is the quick ship out.

- Shayne

Flag: Canada
Canada Sep-10-2015

Amazing! I was always reluctant to use shipping services, but MyUS has been outstanding and relieved any skepticism I had about using their services! I received instant notification once MyUS received my package and got next day delivery to Canada! I have never experienced such great shipping services. Finally, I am able to shop online at stores that don`t ship to Canada thanks to MyUS! :)

- Jenna

Flag: Angola
Angola Sep-10-2015

I`ve been using MyUS since 2013 and I`ve never had problems. I`m really enjoying your trusted services and I want to thank you guys for that. Keep up the work in that direction. You are doing a really really good job, and I will continue to use your services. Thank you for everything.

- Antonio L.

Flag: Australia
Australia Sep-01-2015

The service is "second to none". Absolutely brilliant!!! Recommend to all my friends… I have used this service 6 times now. Very helpful professional SERVICE. Many thanks.

- Lois

Flag: Pakistan
Pakistan Aug-31-2015

I love the web site they do an awesome job.

- Taha S.