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Our members love our top-rated service and how easy and worry-free we make shopping and shipping from the USA!

Flag: Chile
Chile Apr-28-2016

Agradecer la dedicacion de la preparacion del envio, todo llego muy bien. Muchas Gracias!!!!

- Claudio V.

Flag: Kuwait
Kuwait Apr-27-2016

I am delighted to send you my feedback, you have a nice professional touch, I appreciate your expert packing. Thanks and wish happiness.

- Salwa A.

Flag: Kuwait
Kuwait Apr-26-2016

My package arrived today. Everything is in perfect shape and neatly packed. Easy signup and shipping instructions for the entire process. Excellent overall experience.

- Mohammad

Flag: New Caledonia
New Caledonia Apr-26-2016

Very big thanks to Derek W. for the consolidation of my package to New Caledonia. He took care of fragile parts and blocked them well in the package. The work is well done for a travel with no damage.

- Roger P.

Flag: Kuwait
Kuwait Apr-25-2016

I loved how fast and easy everything went, I recieved my package very fast and it was well packed. Thumbs up 👍🏻

- Noura

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Apr-24-2016

Dear Tom, I would like to express my appreciation to you and your team. Thank you ... and keep up the good work.

- Faisal A.

Flag: Australia
Australia Apr-22-2016

Tom, thanks for doing such an excellent job packaging my book, "The Anarchist's Design Book". I respect people who take their job seriously and do such fine work.

- Stephen C.

Flag: United Kingdom
United Kingdom Apr-21-2016

Excellent service well packaged, Joe B is as he says - a packing expert - many thanks.

- Peter Sneddon

Flag: Angola
Angola Apr-21-2016

I want to express how satisfied I have been with the great packing work you guys do at MyUS. I am very happy with excellent work you guys do packing to ensure the packages reach their destination safely, and arranged in way that takes the least necessary amount of room.

- Sebastiao N.

Flag: Bermuda
Bermuda Apr-21-2016

Must say that I was VERY happy with the way my items were packed - thank you very much!! Happy customer!

- Jodi G.

Flag: Australia
Australia Apr-20-2016

Thanks 'Bob' my package was really well packed. I like how efficiently you pack. I was certain something was missing, but of course it was not. You had just packed it so well. Every package has ALWAYS been properly packed. A big Thank you.

- Maree

Flag: United Kingdom
United Kingdom Apr-20-2016

Just want to thank you for another prompt and efficient delivery of my latest purchase. Packaging was secure and everything worked as it should from order placement to delivery. Kept fully informed of progress with tracking number provided so I roughly knew when it should arrive.

- Richard B.

Flag: Italy
Italy Apr-19-2016

Hi from Italy. Package has arrived and everything was good! Great job.

- Giorgia C.

Flag: Australia
Australia Apr-18-2016

Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with my deliveries from MyUS. I just received my third package from you. Your packers do an extremely good job all my goods have arrived very well packed. Tom was my packer for my latest delivery and I want to thank him very much. I am ecstatic with your service and your packaging. The parcels arrive at my door as though they were delivered from just up the road, not to Australia from America. Not a mark or squashed corner on the box. Thanking you very much

- Bernard P.

Flag: Australia
Australia Apr-18-2016

I'd like to thank Tom, who packed this package for me. The posters arrived safely and in very good condition. Packing several individual poster tubes into a larger box, with good padding, worked very well!

- Ian F.

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland Apr-18-2016

Package arrived today. The goods were packed efficiently and neatly - in other words, superbly! You can assure I will recommend MyUS to friends and family. Now I know how it works, I will be ordering again from MyUS pretty soon.

- John L.

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Apr-18-2016

Wow, like first far so good 🙏🏼✨ I would always to be a customer to your company. Thank you 💕

- Maram M.

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Apr-17-2016

I'm an old client of the company, one of the best shipping companies, and I have interacted with others. I'm happy because of your service rapid and positive response to the customer. Thank you very much.

- Fatemah

Flag: China
China Apr-17-2016

This is in regards to my last package. Overall, my experience with MyUS has been very positive. When I had questions, I sent emails and they were all attended to professionally and pictures were even taken on the content of my package when I had doubts. The package was nicely packed without unnecessary materials. Keep up the good work.

- Roy M.

Flag: United Kingdom
United Kingdom Apr-15-2016

Received my package this morning which was packed by JB. Thank you JB for packing my items. I received everything in perfect condition. Thank you MyUS for delivering on such high levels of clarity, efficiency, convenience and speed. This is my first time using MyUS and will definitely remain a member. I live in the UK and regularly shop from US brands. Using MyUS has saved me so much on shipping and customs charges as well as being is so user friendly. MyUS has my vote! :)

- Sonia B.