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Flag: Japan
Japan Jul-06-2018

Thanks to Jeremy for doing such a great job with my packages. They were consolidated into one box, (I thought it would have been two) and I was very concerned about the books being shipped together with the hair coloring, and other liquids. Oh, it reached really quickly as well. It was shipped on Monday and I got it by Thursday. Thanks again.

- Mona Lisa

Flag: Nigeria
Nigeria Jun-01-2018

Excellent Site!

- Yusuf A.

Flag: Spain
Spain May-31-2018

Excellent Fast Reliable Service! Easy straight foward site to use! Great choice of shipping option's ! Recommended !!

- Paul

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland May-29-2018

Exciting service. Responsive and careful. Thank you very much. Highly recommended.

- Markus

Flag: Hungary
Hungary May-12-2018

The first time i use MYUS! The best! :) Five stars and one more from me! Thanks guys and have a nice day!

- Maria D.

Flag: Madagascar
Madagascar May-07-2018

Very impressed with for a first time. The fees are affordable and it's really easy to create a ship request, also the assistance is very helpful. My package arrived in a very good condition and arrived in time! Thanks to them for their proficiency. I absolutly recommand it

- Henintsoa G.

Flag: Kuwait
Kuwait Apr-05-2018

MyUs is currently one of the best shipping companies, if not the best. I have been a member for God-knows-how-long now, and they never disappointed me. It's true, MyUs members do love its top-rated service. I guess that's why I keep recommending it to everyone I know. A huge thank you to each and every amazing staff member. I appreciate your patience and constant efforts.


Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Apr-04-2018

Hats off to this service, now i have access to all deals and discounts offered by stores in US, i strongly recommend others to avail this service and consider themselves living in US :)

- Awais S.

Flag: Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Mar-29-2018

I cannot get any better than MyUS!

- Vincent K.

Flag: Canada
Canada Mar-26-2018

Excellent service. Incredibly prompt and reliable. is essential for those of us who live outside the United States and require an address in the U.S. combined with incredibly fast delivery service at a very nominal fee. many Thanks!

- Steve V.

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