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Our members love our top-rated service and how easy and worry-free we make shopping and shipping from the USA!

Flag: Curacao
Curacao Jan-28-2016

I am very satisfied with the service, I received my package very fast. I also like their work process. Great company - i could not ask for more. i recommend MyUS.

- Sharlon

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland Jan-21-2016 has always been first class professional. I have been using them for years.

- Neil

Flag: Barbados
Barbados Jan-19-2016

I just received my package and I really must commend my packer Jeremy. There was no spillage of my liquid contents and none of my equipment was scratched or dented. I got the package before the scheduled arrival date. So thanks to and also to their shippers.

- Tammie

Flag: Iraq
Iraq Jan-15-2016

Very remarkable company and they have all the services you need. I have spent 2 years with them and I would be happy to visit the company someday. Best regards.

- Alhamzah A.

Flag: Australia
Australia Jan-08-2016

I used MyUS for the first time and I was extremely impressed with their great service.

- Kate

Flag: United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates Dec-31-2015

I'm so thankful that i got my package so much faster than i expected. I like everything about

- Aysha A.

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Dec-23-2015

Amazing service. Super satisfied and happy with my first order. Sadly I just got to know your website. I've been dealing with other companies before which results in money and time wasted. Thank you MyUS.

- Amr H.

Flag: Canada
Canada Dec-22-2015

Nervous at first to use this site/company to ship to Canada, but had no other choice due to time line. MyUS is absolutely efficient and completely exceeded my expectations. Eric took care of my package and MyUS sent it to me on time! Thank you so much as this is for my son. I can't wait for him to open it up. I am a Premium member, so we'll be seeing you soon.

- Daryl M.

Flag: Mauritius
Mauritius Dec-20-2015

Great service. Prompt and clear assistance from the MyUS Team. Fast and reliable shipping.

- Hansley G.

Flag: Luxembourg
Luxembourg Dec-16-2015

Amazing site. Amazing service. I am so tempted to ask similar European services to take valuable lessons from you. Keep up the good work :)

- Ada

Flag: Canada
Canada Dec-16-2015

Very satisfied with both orders. Packed by Juvoyn. One parcel was a candle so I appreciated that he took great care in wrapping it. Both parcel were well packed. Thanks.

- Lynn P.

Flag: South Korea
South Korea Dec-15-2015

Just got my package. Big thanks for you guys. Really enjoyed the service. Everything arrived well and was packed very accurately. Big thanks to Justin who packed the boxes ;)

- Elkhan J.

Flag: Japan
Japan Dec-14-2015

A breakthrough and an alternative for USG employees deployed outside US who wish to have personal effects sent via private local forwarder with integrity. Very highly recommended. Member since 2014

- Joy Suzuki

Flag: Switzerland
Switzerland Dec-14-2015

I've been using MyUS since 2013. User friendly. Simple and fast. Keep up the excellent work. Your service is not just delivering our orders. You are able to make wishes come true all over the world. My sister had her first baby in June. I was able to get her something from the US because of your service. Thanks for that. Cheers.

- Natalie D.

Flag: Angola
Angola Dec-11-2015

"There are companies and Companies. MyUS is a COMPANY. Not only is doing a great job but has reliable and consistent partners. To date I have made more than 20 purchases and all of them got to my address before I expected. I wish you all good holiday and keep up the good work for 2016 and beyond."

- Paulo Z.

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Dec-07-2015

Excellent service and fast delivery. Recommend dealing with them.

- Talal A.

Flag: Australia
Australia Nov-30-2015

"Hi guys. I've been using your service for around 12 months now and have always found it to be efficient."

- Brad N.

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Nov-28-2015

I've been using MyUS for a while now. They're amazing. Very cooperative and well organized. Thank you for providing such amazing services!

- Maha

Flag: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Nov-16-2015

MyUS is in a league of their own. I have never seen such service anywhere and thats why I will now recommend them to others. The speed is brilliant AND no surprises!!!!

- Yousef A.

Flag: Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Best service ever. Great customer service and fast shipping. always exceeding my expectations. Thank You MyUS

- Teva