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Flag: Canada
Canada Oct-08-2019

Hi i must say excellent service. My package was prepared by Tamatea and it was packed so well i was amazed. Fast delivery service to Canada. This is my first time using and i am happy with the service.

- Dawn H.

Flag: Maldives
Maldives Aug-27-2019

Amazing site very helpful staff, keep up the good work guys

- Sofoora

Flag: New Zealand
New Zealand May-18-2019

Really great service. Super easy to use and when I didn't need it I had no problems getting out- they even repeayed my monthly fees. This really surprised me and honestly makes me want to use this service more often. Nothing but positive things to say

- Rebecca

Flag: Australia
Australia May-07-2019

I received my first package just days after I ordered it online! Amazing. Amazing. AMAZING! I've used a different service (ShopMate) which took over 45 days and costed more so I'm thrilled I found MyUS and have started recommending it to friends and family!

- Joshua B

Flag: Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Apr-26-2019

Thank You ! for your great service. I received my package in good condition. It took only 5 days to arrive to Sri Lanka. Best value for money and very easy to use the service. Highly recommended to anyone and I'd love to do business with you in future. Keep doing this great work. Thanks again !

- Malindu

Flag: Brunei
Brunei Apr-02-2019

Hello MyUS, just receive my parcel and in great condition by this morning. The first thing I need to say I really happy and satisfy with your service - your staff are very helpful and friendly (which include John (during live chat) and Eric (packing specialist)). Highly recommend your site to other people. Thank you so much!

- Anna

Flag: Australia
Australia Mar-19-2019

I have received the second-time shipment from MYUS really great and super fast services. Thank you for your wonderful service.


Flag: Angola
Angola Mar-08-2019

I received my package in good condition and I d'likr to Thanks MyUs for your good job and I encoursge you to keep doing good job. Regards

- Geraldo

Flag: Botswana
Botswana Feb-28-2019

The best shipping company so far. My 1st consigment was shipped on time and very fast considering that it was during a hectic period (festive season). Customer service is the best. I would recommend them anytime to all the international shoppers.

- Kelebogile J

Flag: Brunei
Brunei Feb-17-2019

Hello MyUS, just received my own first package by this morning (fast as expected). The package was in excellent condition and the console works as well. Many thanks to MyUS.

- Anna

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