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The MyUS eCommerce Solution

Offer your local customers fast, reliable and affordable access to millions of products from top US brands and merchants, including fashion, health & beauty, baby & toys, and electronics.

MyUS offers a turnkey, fully customized eCommerce supply chain and logistics solution with minimal investment and quick launch.

Watch Your Profits Soar!

  • Lowest carrier rates with MyUS volume shipping discounts
  • Additional rate discounts based on individual partner volume levels
  • Free consolidation of US store purchases, delivery in bulk
  • Free import/export compliance oversight for stress-free cross border shipping
  • Delivery to your warehouse OR direct to your customer's door
  • Fast and urgent delivery options
  • Special packing and safe handling
  • Customs clearance
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Bonus! Gain access to thousands of US stores with a MyUS address of your own

How Does It Work?

MyUS powers your cross-border eCommerce company by providing a complete solution, including:

  • Buy direct from US retailers and deliver to our US warehouse
    • Use your own MyUS address for access to thousands of stores
  • Manage your shipments utilizing our proprietary inventory logistics management system
    • View all incoming and outgoing packages
    • Manage shipment delivery options like carrier, urgent handling or destination addresses
    • Manage returns and problem purchases
    • Communicate with our customer service team or warehouse for special instructions
  • Your packages are packed with special care and attention
  • Get detailed tracking information to track your package from when it leaves our warehouse to its final destination
  • Customs clearance and dedicated customer support available

Frequently Asked Questions

MyUS enables partners around the world to utilize their existing operations and technology to create a branded eCommerce service offering for their local consumers.

Simply click the "Contact Us Today" button, and provide us with background information about your operation and current market.

As a MyUS partner, you will be responsible for providing your brand standards, logo, style guide, Tier 1 customer support and last mile delivery.

MyUS ships individual airway bills to the airport destination of your choice. The partner then facilitates customs clearance and last-mile delivery to the customer, or MyUS delivers to the customer's door.

MyUS invoices the partner, and the partner then invoices their customer for shipping costs. The partner has the ability to charge their customers using local payment, such as cash on delivery.