Sell Globally and Leave the International Shipping to MyUS

Ready to get your piece of the one TRILLION dollar international eCommerce market?

Go global with the MyUS international shipping solution! Unmatched logistics expertise makes us the #1 choice for retailers looking to reach customers around the world.

The Future is Bright for Cross-Border eCommerce

  • 38% of worldwide e-commerce will be cross-border by 2027, with sales of $5.5 trillion1
  • 70% of the world’s purchasing power is located outside the U.S.2
  • 57% of global shoppers are buying from overseas retailers3
  • 14% YOY growth is expected through 2027, twice that of domestic e-commerce4

Cross-Border eCommerce Retailers are Winning


26% of U.S. companies that trade internationally significantly outperform their market5


30% of retailers say online sales outside their home country are growing over 25% annually6


29% of retailers say international e-commerce represents more than 20% of total revenue6

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MyUS is Leading the Industry

  • #1 in the cross-border e-commerce industry, with 24 years of export experience
  • 47 million items exported worth $1.2B in the past five years
  • First in the industry to offer TruePriceTM shipping rates based on actual weight
  • Six times on Inc. magazine’s 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list

How It Works

The MyUS Integrated Solution

1. Customer adds product to retailer cart

2. Retailer displays MyUS real-time shipping rates to customer

3. Customer checks out with retailer

4. Retailer sends MyUS the order information


5. Retailer ships order to MyUS warehouse

6. MyUS receives package & prepares for customs

MyUS ships order worldwide & sends tracking info to retailer, and customer receives package 3 to 7 days from purchase.

Why Partner with MyUS?

  • Access new customers in 220+ countries & territories
  • Focus on global growth while MyUS handles the international logistics
  • Ship a wider variety of products with our trade compliance expertise
  • Export dangerous goods like batteries, aerosols, nail polish, and perfume
  • Be ready to launch in weeks, not months, with simple integration
  • Keep more of your revenue with no startup or monthly costs
  • Maintain control of the user experience & customer data

MyUS Retail Partners are Successful—and Growing*

National shoe retailer: ↑57% items shipped*

Sporting goods retailer: ↑94% items shipped*

Industrial supply retailer: ↑267% items shipped*

Pet supply retailer: ↑696% items shipped**

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*YoY 2016-2023
**YoY 2017-2023