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MyUS Calls Members to Help Provide Aid to Türkiye

February 9, 2023

On February 6, a powerful series of earthquakes with a 7.8 magnitude hit Türkiye and the surrounding regions, which demolished thousands of buildings and caused widespread devastation as local authorities have confirmed a death toll of nearly 20,000 lives. In Türkiye alone, more than 60,000 people were reported injured and left homeless.

Humanitarian aid is being poured in from around the globe to assist with the rescue, medical care, and provision of food and shelter as the communities begin recovering from one of the deadliest earthquakes to hit this decade. At MyUS, we urge kind-hearted donors to assist those in need in Türkiye and the surrounding regions by being active members in their global community. 

How You Can Help:

As members of a global community, we ask that if any MyUS members wish to help, please donate cash or supplies to reputable charities to help provide emergency services to thousands of families without shelter. Here are some well-known charities that are working to help assist survivors. 

Donate to the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent

The IFRC has launched two Emergency Appeals in response to the devastating earthquake. Do your part by donating to a charity that aims to support around 300,000 people in ten cities who have been severely affected. Click here to access their donation page. 

Donate to Medecins Sans Frontiers - Doctors Without Borders

At least 150,000 people in Türkiye have been left homeless and aftershocks, which caused about 6,000 buildings in the region to collapse, according to the IFRC. MSF emergency teams are assessing the needs in the most-affected areas of southern Türkiye and surrounding regions that have been hit hardest by the quakes. MSF is currently preparing to provide assistance and mobilize its emergency capacities. Help by donating today

Donate to the Turkish Consulates in the United States

If you or your family live within the United States and wish to provide assistance, you can donate supplies to the Turkish consulates. Volunteers who are willing to send in supplies to people in need in Türkiye are asked to send the following items to the Turkish Embassy or Turkish Consulates:

  • Blankets
  • Tents
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Pocket Warmers
  • Winter Clothing (jackets, gloves, headgear)

They can place their items in clear bags and provide an itemized list of the contents. In addition, PackageHopper offers affordable domestic shipping to those within the United States who wish to donate to their nearest Turkish Embassy

Donate to International Blue Crescent Relief Development Foundation

The International Blue Cresent Relief and Development Foundation has offices in Gaziantep, Türkiye, and is working to dispatch teams to the affected communities in the region. The organization also asked for the following donations:

  • Tents
  • Blankets
  • Thermal Clothes
  • First-Aid Kits

Interested donors should contact Alper Mavi, a regional program coordinator, at or +90 538 5159806. Donors can also contact Vice President Muzaffer Baca at +90 532 2344229 or  

Donate to UNICEF

UNICEF is providing humanitarian assistance to children and families affected in coordination with partners while assessing the earthquake's impact. They can use your help and donations to help provide assistance and essentials like safe water to families in need. UNICEF continues coordinating with the local government and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency on the emerging needs linked to the wider humanitarian response. 

Donate to Other Response Funds

As updates about the impact of this disaster are known, and opportunities to support disaster recovery become available, this page will be updated with resources and information so you can do your part in helping families left in devastation. 

MyUS Will Lower Shipping Costs to Türkiye.

As our heart goes out to the thousands of families and survivors, we have decided to lower our shipping costs by 65% with certain carriers shipping to Türkiye for the foreseeable future.

MyUS will also donate $5,000 to disaster relief efforts. We hope doing so helps those impacted by the earthquake receive the long-term supplies and support needed to rebuild a stronger Türkiye.