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MyUS Announces Partnership with


The American package forwarding company announced today that it has partnered with, a U.S. retailer of vacuum cleaners and small appliances. The two companies expect the partnership to make appliances from popular brands available worldwide at significantly lower prices.
Through the new partnership, will help distribute name-brand small appliances to customers in more than 220 countries around the world. These customers, in turn, will benefit from lower U.S. pricing and a favorable exchange rate that makes products like vacuum cleaners and cookware even more affordable. A typical delivery from the U.S. takes about two to four days.
“This new partnership is a win-win for our customers and for,” said Vice President of Sales John Wright. “Our customers can buy the products they want at lower American prices, and BuyHappier can quickly ship them to almost anywhere in the world.” has seen a marked increase in demand for vacuums, appliances and cookware, with customers in Asia (such as China and Hong Kong) and the Middle East (like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar) taking advantage of favorable exchange rates to buy from American retailers at dramatic savings. “Anyone who wants to save money by buying from the U.S. should visit our website at,” said Wright.