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"Working at MyUS gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. The most special thing about this organization is that all team members are willing to go out of their way to help you learn, grow, and succeed. I started my career at MyUS as an Application Analyst right out of college and worked my way up to Assistant DevOps Manager. Along the way, I've encountered challenges, but I was able to successfully overcome them and get to the level I am today. Thanks to the multitude of resources and support I have at MyUS and within my department, I always look forward to new challenges and new opportunities. Choosing to start my career at MyUS gave me a sense of great accomplishment and pride."

– Anthony N., Assistant DevOps Manager

"MyUS has been the only corporate setting I’ve ever worked for that doesn’t actually *feel* like a corporate setting! We are small enough that we form special bonds in the workplace where you feel you can turn to anyone for help, all the way from the CEO to the cubical to your right. You never feel alone!

This company has offered me so many training tools over the last 6.5 years that I feel I will never run out of new things to learn! It has helped me not only grow personally but has also given me some of the best tools I’ve ever been given in my entire professional life to be successful in the workplace.

The growth opportunities are endless at MyUS! Our company is small enough that we can help create a position that may have not existed if the need for growth is there within your own department. You never feel like you are stuck in the same role, which is rare to find in a smaller company."

– Jessica W., B2B Sr. Account Manager

"MyUS has assisted in developing my career in a vital way. From individual development plans created together with supervisors and firsthand coaching to on-the-job experience with room to advance through the company, MyUS has provided an unwavering path for my career development. MyUS has given me guidance in constructing a channel for growth and, ultimately, achieving my near- and medium-term goals. I look forward to continuing my career with MyUS and growing alongside my team and the company."

– Alex T., Operations Trainer

"Some of the best perks of working at MyUS include the daily catering and the friendly/supportive team members. I always love free things and even more so when it involves food. The MyUS team members and management team are always willing to help out and guide you down the path to success."

– Dylan W., Assistant Receiving Supervisor

"I started my career with MyUS as a Logger, opening up packages and performing data entry. Shortly after, I got promoted to Quality Control, and now I am Assistant Supervisor for the Package Distribution and Inventory Team. MyUS is great at making sure all team members are successful and strive to be the best in what they do."

– Jessee H., Assistant PDI Supervisor

"I've been with MyUS for almost 9 years. In those 9 years, I have moved from a Customer Service Rep to a Team Lead and now a Strategic Account Manager. Throughout the years, I have been given more responsibility, and I feel supported by my management team to make the right decisions for the company and the customer."

– Erika K., Strategic Account Manager


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