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Holiday Gift Guide for the Lunar New Year

As of 2024, the Lunar New Year begins on February 10 and is the Year of the Wood Dragon. This year is anticipated to bring boldness, innovation, and transformation, with the dragon's sign symbolizing power and prosperity. The Lunar New Year, known by various names like Tet, Chunjie, Solnal, Losar, and the Spring Festival, is a time of ancestral homage, purging the old, and embracing the new.

Embracing this Year of the Dragon, it's an opportune moment to honor traditions, engage in vibrant celebrations, and exchange tokens of appreciation among friends and family. Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this Lunar New Year? Let MyUS guide you to discover ideal items to commemorate the Year of the Dragon in style!

Stylish Clothes In Traditional Colors

During the Lunar New Year, paying attention to the color of the gift and the color of the wrapping paper or box you are giving is essential. Avoid colors like white, black, or blue, as they are often associated with colors of death and funeral attire. Instead, choose colors such as red, yellow, and gold if you provide any gift, as they all symbolize wealth and prosperity. 

Here are some stylish suggestions, perfectly customized to match the animal of this Lunar New Year.

Year of the Dragon 2024 T-Shirt

Black T-Shirt with Year of the Dragon logo

Celebrate the 2024 Lunar New Year in style with this vibrant and symbolic Year of the Dragon T-shirt! Made with premium quality fabric, its intricate design and bold colors capture the spirit of the auspicious year ahead, making it the perfect attire to welcome good fortune and prosperity.

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Lunar New Year Sweatshirt

woman wearing red sweater with 2024 year of the dragon design

Gear up for the Lunar New Year with this vibrant Chinese New Year 2024 sweatshirt! Featuring the Year of the Dragon design, this cozy and stylish sweatshirt adds a festive touch to your celebrations, blending tradition with modern comfort seamlessly. Stand out in style as you welcome prosperity and good fortune in the upcoming year!

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Women's Simply Vera Vera Wang Lunar New Year Graphic Sweatshirt

woman wearing red sweater year of the dragon sweatshirt from vera wang

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in style with the Women's Simply Vera Vera Wang Lunar New Year Graphic Sweatshirt. Designed by renowned fashion icon Vera Wang, this cozy sweatshirt features a festive Lunar New Year graphic, blending comfort with a touch of cultural elegance to add a unique flair to your seasonal wardrobe. Perfect for embracing the spirit of the occasion with fashion-forward confidence.

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Festival Decorations

Almost everything in the Lunar New Year carries significance in the cultural festivities. From red lanterns to drive off bad luck to decorated kumquat trees - Lunar New Year decorations help maintain the Year of the Dragon with images and symbolism that represent luck, good fortune, and blessings to all celebrating.

Chinese New Year Gold Spray Centerpiece

gold and red spray centerpiece from PartyCity

This Chinese New Year Gold Spray Centerpiece from Party City brings wealth and good fortune to your Lunar New Year feast. It features a sparkling cascade of gold foil streamers with gold coin cutouts. The bright cutouts are printed with various characters in red and black shades to create a fabulous centerpiece for your table.  

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61" Holiday Occasion Cardboard Standup

61 inch life size cutout of a red dragon for lunar new year

Add a vibrant touch to your Lunar New Year celebrations with this stunning Chinese New Year Dragon Cardboard Standup from Wayfair. This intricately designed standup brings the majestic symbol of the Year of the Dragon to life, perfect for adding a festive and symbolic flair to your festivities.

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Toys for Children

Children will be excited about new clothes and red envelopes filled with money and jump for joy over the toys they may receive from family and friends. For kids, there is no happier thing than getting gifts. So make this Lunar New Year special with some toys they will love.

Traditional Spinning Pellet Drum

Image of a traditional Chinese spinning pellet drum with a picture of two children carrying flowers

Celebrate culture and heritage with your children with a Traditional Pellet Drum that symbolizes happiness and fortune while bringing forth blessings for babies and children. This traditional toy is the perfect gift for babies as it helps exercise their hands, fingers, and wrists. By swaying it, the pellet drum will also send out rattling sounds, stimulating a baby’s listening abilities while feeling connected to their culture.

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2023 Barbie Lunar New Year Doll Designed by Guo Pei

Barbie doll with a bob haircut and blue Guo Pei two-piece couture outfit

In 2023, Mattel partnered with renowned Chinese courtier Guo Pei to create a Lunar New Year Barbie doll that takes her past design collection to new heights. This pre-ordered doll is draped in classic royal blue and features a two-piece outfit with sumptuous embroidery, balancing heritage with contemporary innovation through Guo Pei’s signature craftsmanship. The doll completes the ensemble with golden earrings, a sparkly statement ring, and gold-colored pumps that complement the creation.

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