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Holiday Gift Guide for Children

Starting the holiday shopping season, you have a lot of questions. What do you get a child who has everything for Christmas? How many gifts should you get per kid on Christmas? What will they even like? Our Christmas present to you is some much-needed gift inspiration for each kid on your list.

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Christmas gift ideas for babies and kids from 1 to 4 years old

A little girl cracks open the lid of a present, light comes from the box, illuminating her face in front of a glowing fireplace and lit Christmas tree.

Make their very first Christmas holidays special. At this age range explore Christmas presents that challenge their creativity, and importantly, keep them occupied. Their parents will thank you for that.

Christmas presents for kids to display their creativity 

kid sized art easel with blank white canvas, pencils, paintbrushes, crayons, and books on the bottom shelf

Art is always a great creative outlet for young kids. Not only does art develop skills like coordination and spatial awareness, but it also taps into their imagination and self-expression. Art Christmas presents like this Kids’ Art Easel from Kohl’s gives young kids their own space to create masterpieces using paper for painting and drawing or a built-in chalkboard and whiteboard for endless fun.

Cute and cuddly Christmas gifts for kids

green grinch plush doll based on dr suess classic

If they love stuffed animals, give them the perfect one for the holiday season. Start with your family’s favorite Christmas character as inspiration, like this adorable Grinch Plush Doll at Nordstrom Rack. Pair with a Grinch movie viewing party and you have a fun way to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.

This Christmas present for babies is made for sweet dreams

hand-knit mobile with butterflies with pink, brown, orange, purples, and neutral colors

Perfect for babies and toddlers, give little ones something to admire as they drift off to sleep. This Butterfly Mobile from Giggle makes a great Christmas gift for a baby girl or any tiny nature lover. This mobile is extra adorable with hand-knit details in a soft pastel pallet that fits right in with any nursery décor.

Christmas present ideas for kids from 5 to 9 years old

A young girl looks down at a boxed Lego Minecraft set she holds in her hands

When they are a little bit older, kids start developing their own interests and passions. So, look for children’s presents for Christmas that encourage their self-expression and can be enjoyed with their friends and family. 

Christmas gifts for kids that love dress-up

long blue and white maribel encanto style dress from disney movie encanto

Are you still listening to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” on repeat? Then it’s a safe bet this Encanto Mirabel Costume from Disney will be a hit with your Encanto superfan. Choosing a costume of their favorite character as a Christmas gift is sure to make dress-up to sing-along sessions extra magical.

Gift ideas for kids that are aspiring expert builders

950 piece classic lego set featuring animals, automobiles, trees, houses, whales, giraffes, and smaller leggo pieces

Lego has been around for a while as the classic kids’ building toy. This Lego Classic Around the World Set sold at Best Buy combines brick building with increasing their knowledge of countries and cultures around the globe. You’re never too old for Lego, so the whole family can get involved in creations together.

A Christmas present that brings video game fun to life 

hot wheels rainbow race track based on the game super mario kart

"Let’s-a go"—the thrill of the Nintendo classic Mario Kart is leaping off the virtual course and into your home. Set a car at the top for the track and race towards the finish line with Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Set from Kohl’s. Kids, and parents with solid Nintendo nostalgia, can play together on this exciting racing track set.

Christmas gift ideas for tweens and teens

Gifts for Tweens

Finding a present that passes the cool test for a teen or tween on your list can be difficult. We recommend letting their interests guide what you buy. Explore this list of Christmas presents for inspiration on connecting their hobbies to an amazing gift.

Gift ideas for kids to take on their next outdoor adventure

yellow and gray mountain bike

Have a teen or tween that’s an avid bike rider? Gift them with an equipment upgrade made for all kinds of terrains. This Schwin Mountain Bike is great for daily rides around their neighborhood and excursions out on more challenging bike trails. With a wide range of colors, choose one that’s just their style. No more wondering what can I give my kids instead of toys for Christmas. This is a practical gift idea for kids they’ll keep on using.

A Christmas present for family board game night 

photosynthesis board game cover with image of forest and a small tree in the middle of the image

Today there are plenty of new and challenging board games that go beyond the classics. Gift them something they’ve never seen before, like this beautifully illustrated board game Photosynthesis sold at REI. In this game, you play as a tree competing to outgrow your opponents in a picturesque forest. Explore unique board games like Photosynthesis and you may find your family’s new favorite.

A Christmas present for budding musicians 

small brown ukulele and black case

Whether they’re planning to join a band or explore music on their own, a new instrument makes a memorable Christmas present. If you know they’re interested in string instruments, like the guitar, start small with something like this Beginners Ukulele you can find on MyUS Shopping. There are plenty of tutorials and guides online for them to practice their new gift.

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