How to Shop Nike and Ship Internationally in 3 Easy Steps

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How Does MyUS International Shipping Work?

We’ll show you how to get international shipping from Nike US. When you sign up for a MyUS address, you'll gain access to easily shop across one of the most popular retail stores in the US..

After following these quick steps below, you’ll be able to ship from Nike to Australia, Canada, the UK, India, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, Israel, South Korea, or any other country*!

“ doesn’t ship to my country.”

Have you seen an item on only to find out Nike doesn’t ship to your home country? We understand that frustration, and we're here to fix it. Thanks to MyUS, you no longer have to ask, "Does Nike ship to my country?"

Even though Nike doesn’t ship directly to all countries, MyUS has helped millions of online shoppers buy from Nike by providing MyUS members with a US sales tax-free US shipping address (and a UK address). Ship your Nike purchases to MyUS, or items from thousands of other stores, and we reship to you anywhere in the world!* A MyUS ship forwarding address is your access to shop US and UK stores.




MyUS Membership Types

Single Package | Free Membership | Ship One Package From One Store

If you ship less frequently, a free Single Package membership might be what you’re looking for. The free Single Package membership still gives you both US & UK shipping addresses while giving you the flexibility to only ship when you need to!

Single Package Benefits:

  • US and UK shipping addresses
  • US sales TAX-FREE shopping: Your MyUS address is sales tax-free. Automatically save 7% every time you shop!
  • Exclusive shipping discounts

Premium Membership | Free 30 Day Trial | Ship Multiple Packages From Multiple Stores

If you need to ship multiple items from Nike, or even orders from other stores, you can save money with package consolidation by signing up for a paid Premium membership. Package consolidation allows you to combine items from multiple stores into one package at no additional cost, so you maximize your savings! When a package arrives in your MyUS suite, you can forward it to your home address immediately, or you can wait for additional packages to arrive in your suite and combine multiple items into one package. Why spend more shipping multiple packages when you can spend less by combining them into one package with MyUS? In fact, package consolidation can save you up to 80% off standard international shipping rates.

Another perk of Premium membership is you get a 30-day free trial and can cancel anytime. We want to earn your business. Your free trial is an opportunity for you to test MyUS out. No long-term commitment is required, so you have nothing to lose!

Your Premium Membership includes all the following perks at no additional cost to the monthly membership fee:

  • US and UK shipping addresses
  • FREE 30-Day Trial: After 30-day free trial, there are no commitments - cancel any time.
  • US sales TAX-FREE shopping: Your MyUS address is sales tax-free. Automatically save 7% every time you shop!
  • Discounted Ship Rates: Being a Premium MyUS member unlocks even lower ship rates than what’s offered to Single Package customers.
  • Free Package Consolidation: MyUS packing experts will combine multiple packages into one for maximum shipping cost savings.
  • Free Package Repacking: MyUS packing experts repack every box to ensure your purchases are protected and packaged in the most cost-effective way.
  • Free Package Storage for 30 Days: Purchases are securely housed in our facility, allowing time for multiple package delivery and maximum consolidation savings.




How to Shop Nike from Overseas in 3 Steps

Step 1: Get a MyUS Address
Step 2: Shop from Nike & Ship to Your MyUS Address
Step 3: Ship From MyUS to Your Home Address

Step 1: Get a MyUS Address 
Sign up for a free Single Package or Premium membership by clicking here to get a US sales tax-free US address and a UK address with a suite number that’s unique to you.

Step 2: Shop from Nike & Ship to Your MyUS Address
Nike Member Checkout (for guest checkout scroll down to step 2B; for Nike UK scroll down to step 2C

  • If you have a Nike account after signing in, hover over the person logo in the top right. Then click on “Account Settings”:

How to Ship Nike Internationally in 3 Easy Steps 1


  • Nike Member Checkout: Now click “Delivery Addresses”:

How to Ship Nike Internationally in 3 Easy Steps 2


  • Nike Member Checkout: You can now enter in your MyUS shipping address and suite number (address line 2) as the delivery address. Tick the box that makes it your default address. Click the “Complete Registration” or “Add” button to lock it in:

How to Ship Nike Internationally in 3 Easy Steps 3


Step 2B - Nike Guest Checkout:

  • After going through the checkout process you will arrive at the shipping address, click on the “Enter Address Manually” option first. This is important to ensure you can include your full MyUS address.

How to Ship Nike Internationally in 3 Easy Steps 4


  •  Nike Guest Checkout: You can now enter your MyUS address for delivery to your suite.

How to Ship Nike Internationally in 3 Easy Steps 5

  • Step 2C - Nike UK Checkout: Shopping with Nike UK? You can use your UK address, found in your MyUS suite. (All orders in the UK site, will be shipped to the MyUS facility in the UK.) Shop Nike UK


Step 3: Ship From MyUS to Your Home Address

After you place a Nike order with your MyUS address, we’ll notify you once your item arrives at your MyUS suite, at which point, depending on your membership type:

  • For Single Package members, we’ll automatically forward to your home address, making the hand-off seamlessly convenient for you.
  • Premium members have the option to either auto-ship the item to your home or elect to have MyUS store your items while you wait for more packages to arrive to then combine multiple packages into one shipment to your home.




Top Nike Categories and Products

Now that you’ve added your MyUS ship address to your Nike account, here are some of Nike best selling product categories to start shopping through:

Check out these signature Nike Products


Nike Domestic US Shipping Policy

Nike delivers only to the contiguous United States. MyUS is a valuable option to you to combine Nike packages with packages from other stores before shipping directly to you.

A MyUS membership also allows you to compare MyUS international ship rates to Nike international shipping rates. Our members often find MyUS international ship rates are lower than the international ship rates offered through stores because MyUS has negotiated competitive ship rates with top global carriers.

Although Nike’s official policy is not to ship to package forwarders, MyUS members have found their Nike packages successfully delivered to their MyUS suite. In the case your package is not delivered to your MyUS suite, then you will not incur any MyUS ship charges for that package. While you await your package to arrive at MyUS, please kindly direct tracking and delivery inquiries towards the retailer you ordered from.

Shipping prices were retrieved from on November 15th, 2023.



Nike History


In January of 1964, founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman established Blue Ribbon Sports Inc. Growing under this name until 1971, they finally grew into the brand that millions around the world know as Nike. Nike focused on providing high quality clothing and accessories to assist in top athletic performances. Their brand grew exponentially when they partnered with top performing athletes like Michael Jordan and Lebron James, launching Nike to international recognition.



Nike FAQs

Does Nike ship internationally?

-Nike delivers to only the contiguous United States. MyUS members have found a MyUS ship address allows them to shop items and sales found only on the Nike website while perhaps unavailable on the international sites, also while paying $0 US sales tax. Stores that do ship worldwide often charge ship rates higher than MyUS’ rates. MyUS Premium members also benefit from bundling their Nike packages with packages from countless other US stores, at no additional charge!

Availability to shop US sales tax-free, bundle packages from multiple US stores, and save on international shipping rates are all reasons why MyUS members love their MyUS membership!

Where can I purchase Air Force 1 Shoes?

-Nike has created an Air Force 1 line to include men, women, and kids with limited edition styles. You can shop the Air Force 1 Line here.

Where can I purchase Nike Dunk Shoes?

-You can shop Nike’s Dunk Shoe line here. This will include releases coming soon.

Is there a Nike Outlet?

-You can shop new Nike products at prices up to 40% directly on their clearance.

Where can I purchase Nike Air Max?

-Nike’s Air Max line is available here.

Where can I purchase Nike Blazers?

-You can shop Nike’s full Blazer Shoe line here.

Where can I purchase Nike Socks?

- Nike’s socks have become an iconic symbol of athletic performance. You can find the right style of Men’s Socks here.




*MyUS shipping is limited or not available in the following countries/territories: Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Palestine, Palestinian Territories, Russia, South Sudan, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Ukraine.