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Japan's Love for US Consumer Goods Soars with Strong Yen


MyUS, the leader in international package forwarding and shipping, has witnessed a huge surge in the desire of US products from Japanese consumers. Last week marked a record low for the US Dollar to the Yen, which most likely correlates with this latest buying frenzy. So far, has seen a 450% increase in shipping to the US from Japan. The shipped items range from gaming and electronic products to household items, like vacuums to high-end apparel and jewelry brands, like Coach and Tiffany. 

“ has always had a strong fan base within Japan, however this latest surge in buying and shipping in the US could easily be attributed to the recent strengthening of the Yen combined with the weakening of the dollar,” says Eric Baird, CEO and Founder of  “With a strong yen, many residents of Japan are finding local goods to be cost-prohibitive and therefore turning to the US retailers. Many of our global customers are referred to us by friends or relatives, so when there’s an increase in traffic from a particular country, it tends to be multiplied for us,” continued Mr. Baird. has seen this same type of surge from the Swiss market as well as more are shipping to Switzerland from the US. They are experiencing similar currency values skyrocketing.  Both nations are taking full advantage of the greater purchasing power being afforded them. The exchange rates have become so favorable that foreign consumers have gone beyond their usual luxury and electronic buying patterns to also include purchasing every day household items abroad as well.