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CEO's Focus on Customer Experience Drives MyUS's Success

941CEO recently asked CEO Ramesh Bulusu how MyUS has become the world's largest package consolidation company, shipping more than 10,000 parcels daily around the world.

Bulusu, who arrived in America in 1993 from India, discussed how the member's international shipping experience is at the center of every decision at MyUS:

“Our mission since I’ve come on board is to truly treat each of our customers’ packages as if it’s our own,” he says. “That’s how you keep their business."

Bulusu goes on to say that closely listening to member feedback and reviews is a big reason why MyUS membership and customer satisfaction rates are growing at such a strong rate:

“Customers tell us where we are falling short and where we are doing well,” Bulusu says. “There’s no better way to create a roadmap for our future. Our customers are not shy; all we have to do is just ask.”

Bulusu further discussed how MyUS uses data to find logistical solutions and savings for its members.  

“Applying math and science principles to solving any problem, that’s what the world is turning to. Everything is data driven, and that’s been my core competency for a long time,” Bulusu continued. 

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