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MyUS Exports to Nigeria up Nearly 120% From Last Year


U.S. exports to Nigeria for the period of 1 April through 15 May have increased by nearly 120% over the same period last year, according to the U.S. package forwarding company
Low U.S. prices on popular goods make American products more accessible this year, even though the Naira remains low compared to the U.S. Dollar. An increasing number of Nigerians are taking advantages of low USA pricing and high availability on popular products like electronics, Apple computers, designer shoes, handbags and parts for Honda, Toyota and Nissan cars. Many Nigerians buy products from the USA for personal use, while many others buy popular products at low American prices to resell in Nigeria.
“Many of the most popular products in Nigeria are just easier to buy in the USA,” said Vice President of Sales John Wright. He continued, “American merchants offer products that are hard to find in Nigeria, and Nigerian customers can have the products delivered in as little as two days.”
Wright added that, with package forwarding services, Nigerian customers can even buy from American merchants that do not offer international shipping or will not ship to Nigeria. These services make U.S. goods more available to Nigerian buyers than ever before.