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MyUS Gives Australian Customers Easy Access to U.S. Goods


The strength of the current Australian dollar has created unprecedented buying opportunities in the U.S. For the first time since its inception in 1983, there is parity between the U.S. and Aussie dollar and the time to buy is now. U.S. online retail shopping continues to rise (projected to hit 190 billion dollars in 2011) and has created a large and growing market for reputable companies like

MyUS is the industry leader in the package forwarding for consumers around the world and has earned its reputation by making the process of buying and receiving goods from the United States simple and hassle-free. Gulf Coast Business Review recently awarded Eric Baird, MyUS CEO, as Entrepreneur of the Decade and the U.S. Department of Commerce named MyUS Exporter of the Year in 2009.

Recent publicity in magazines such as GQ has been instrumental in getting the word out about a company that gives the people what they want: easy access. Moreover, MyUS has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to customer service. Repeat customer, Mikhail Efremov, describes his experience with MyUS as follows “When I am thinking about MyUS only good words come to mind…a good staff, very attentive, always ready to help MyUS’ clients.”

With the Aussie dollar showing no signs of backing down, Australians can shop the US and take advantage of sales by using trusted package forwarding companies like MyUS. At no other point in history have Australians been able to get more bang for their buck in the U.S. marketplace. MyUS, website, is their medium.