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MyUS Shipping Services Featured in The Daily Mail

MyUS was recently featured in one of the United Kingdom's largest print and online newspapers, The Daily Mail.

Slavica Vojinovic uses MyUS to buy archery equipment from the US for her UK business.

Sally Hamilton, The Daily Mail's financial reporter, discussed how Britons can save money when they shop US stores online and use MyUS to ship their purchases to the UK

Hamilton interviewed Slavica Vojinovic, one of our happy MyUS members from Battersea, South-West London.

Vojinovic uses MyUS to buy archery equipment for her business and perfume and clothing for herself.

She told The Daily Mail she saves as much as 20-30% off retail when she uses MyUS.

MyUS CEO, Ramesh Bulusu, was also quoted in this article where he discussed the logistics behind the savings and convenience of our international shipping and package consolidation services:

"Most UK customers tend to buy toys, electrical appliances and cosmetics from the US as many named brands tend to be more expensive in the UK.

It’s not just about price though, it’s also about availability. The choice of colours and sizes of jeans and shoes is broader, which appeals to many shoppers.

Customers can order today and the item will be with MyUS within two days. We hold items for 30 days free so that shoppers get the best rate for shipping if they have ordered several items at different times.

We find that when customers buy from shops online the estimates for duty and taxes can be high – because shops are fearful of underpayment errors.

If you have made three separate purchases that all adds up. The first kilogram of weight is the most expensive, but to add a second or third is substantially cheaper. We bill on actual weight rather than volume."

We're thrilled to hear these personal stories of how MyUS helps people around the world save money and get the items they want from the United States. We work every day to make all of our members happy!

You can read the full article here in the Daily Mail!