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New Agreement Makes American Cosmetics More Accessible in Philippines

1/8/2013, the leader in international shipping companies, announced a new shipping agreement with the U.S. cosmetics retailer Under this agreement, customers in the Philippines and around the world can order cosmetics from popular American brands and have them delivered to their doors within three to four days. carries an array of cosmetic products like skin care, makeup, fragrances, bath supplies and even special gifts from popular American brands like Lancome, Clinique and Estee Lauder. Under the new agreement, customers in the Philippines can order cosmetic products from and have them sent to a address in the United States. will inspect the products, combine them with the customer’s other purchases and ship them for express delivery. Products typically arrive within three to four days. 

The U.S. has been the leading source of foreign-made cosmetics in the Philippines for a number of years. “We’re glad to make American skin care and beauty products even easier to get for our customers in the Philippines,” said John Wright, Vice President of Sales for He continued, “Our customers in the Philippines appreciate American cosmetics, and we’re happy to deliver them safely and quickly to customers’ doors.” 

Customers can also shop from almost any U.S. retailer and have the items delivered using the service. When customers order products, the company can combine orders from different merchants and deliver a single, consolidated package. “Consolidation definitely saves money and helps customers get everything they want from American retailers in a single delivery,” said Wright. has been a leading wholesaler and retailer of skincare, cosmetic and fragrances in the U.S.A. since 1982. The company guarantees that all products it sells are authentic and genuine in origin.