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20 Awesome Filipino Beauty Bloggers You Need To Know About

Ready to meet the most popular Filipino bloggers of 2018? These influencers are motivating fashion enthusiasts around the world with their unique style, innovative beauty tips, and engaging personalities.     

Whether you live in the Phillippines or across the globe, you'll be captivated, we promise!

Gretchen Gatan 

Influencer Gretchen Gatan in nude floor length dress in front of bushes

Gretchen Gatan is a managing editor for an online beauty magazine and shop, a makeup artist, plus a beauty and lifestyle blogger. She uses her personal blog, Greta's Junkyard, as a creative outlet where she writes about all things beauty and lifestyle, as well as her random thoughts and favorite things.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram - and be sure to check out her blog.

Patty Laurel Filart

Influencer Patty Laurel Filart sitting on outdoor couch in red dress

Based in Manila, Patty Laurel-Filart describes herself as a quintessential 21st-century working girl. Along with being a wife and mother, she's an accomplished teacher, model, and lifestyle blogger. Follow her blog for travel and fashion inspiration with a healthy dose of parenting adventures and corny jokes. 

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Ava Nicole 

Influencer Ava Nicole taking a mirror selfie in a children's room

Ava Nicole has been in the blogosphere for a decade now with her blog, Artsy Fartsy Ava. She writes about fashion, beauty, motherhood, the arts and anything that makes her happy. 

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Aisa Ipac

Influencer Aisa Ipac laying in net hammock on the beach

Aisa Ipac is a freelance fashion stylist & blogger that shares her views on fashion and beauty on her blog Drowning Equilibriums. She also has a personal YouTube channel with soon-to-be-chef Nico Bernardino that focuses on food and travel.

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Lissa Kahayon

Influencer Lissa Kahayon in two piece floral set and yellow jacket

Lissa Kahayon is a fashion, travel and fitness blogger from Manila and the mind behind Scene Stealer, a blog about fashion, fitness, travel and more with photos and imagery that leaves us with major wanderlust.  

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter and check out her blog

Tricia Gosingtian

Influencer Tricia Gosingtian taking a mirror selfie with her cat

Tricia Gosingtian's blog, Tricia Will Go Places, documents her personal style, lifestyle, travels, and photography. Filled with inspiration on places to go, stay, and eat with style, it's simply fabulous and will quickly be one of your go-to blogs. 

Check her out her blog, and follow her on YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook.

Nicole Andersson

Influencer Nicole Andersson sitting on red velour couch

Nicole Andersson is a digital influencer, fashion blogger, and's most beautiful digital influencer of 2016. With a following of over 323k on Instagram and a popular blog that covers everything from food and beauty to travel and wellness, she's one to watch in 2018!

Check out her blog, and follow her on YouTube and Instagram.

Dani Barretto

Influencer Dani Barretto in a swimsuit in the ocean

With a whopping 472k followers on Instagram, fashion blogger Dani Barretto is a rising digital influencer and vlogger from Manila. 

Check her out on YouTube, follow her on Instagram and don't miss her blog.


Influencer Camille posing on brick sidewalk

Always inclined to the world of fashion, Camille is a fashion designer, model, and occasional stylist. She has won numerous awards for her blog, Camille Co, and has worked with big brands and labels, including Pandora, P&G Beauty, Olay, and Forever 21. 

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Laureen Uy

Influencer Laureen Uy standing at a crosswalk in front of busy street

Laureen Uy is a fashion and travel blogger and co-founder of clothing line Stylebreak. Her blog, Break My Style, is frequently updated with her latest travel adventures and style updates - definitely worth following!

Check out her blog, and follow her on Instagram.

Kryz Uy

Influencer Kryz Uy sitting on top of red chair on auditorium

Kryz Uy is well known as one of the top-ranked bloggers in the Philippines. Her life, style and travel blog is full of her daily sartorial adventures, beauty discoveries, and inspirations. 

Keep up with her on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to her blog.

Nikki Tiu

Influencer Nikki Tiu holding a cosmetic bag on the steps

Based in Manila, Nikki Tiu is an HR consultant, professional makeup artist, mom, and brand consultant that loves helping people feel good about themselves, Visit her blog, Ask Me Whats, for product reviews, makeup, hair and nail art tutorials, tips and advice -  and a lot of random craziness! 

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Verniece Enciso

Influencer Verniece Enciso on a wooden ledge above the water in a floor length floral skirt

Verniece is a fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle blogger who, along with her sister Vern, runs their popular blog and fashion site that inspires girls to live a life of dreams.  

Browse through their blog and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Vern Enciso 

Influencer Vern Enciso sitting inside a circular wooden nest

Along with her sister Verniece, Vern is a fashion and beauty blogger who loves to share her views on fashion and beauty while inspiring girls to live their dreams. 

Follow her on YouTube and Instagram and subscribe to her blog here.

David Guison

Influencer David Guison sitting on steps in gray striped pants

David Guison is the founder of top menswear blog DG MANILA. Launched in 2009, his site consistently produces quality content for his brand and covers a wide range of topics from fashion, food, and fitness to tech, grooming, and travel. 

Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to his blog and YouTube channel.

Seph Cham

Influencer Seph Cham sitting outside drinking boba tea

Seph Cham is a lifestyle blogger from Manila that's passionate about men's fashion, grooming, and style as well as travel and food. 

Subscribe to his blog and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Ida Anduyan

Influencer Ida Anduyan posing on black and white checkered floor

Based in Manila, Ida Anduyan is all about the digital arts, including photography, cinematography, graphic design, and web design. Her blog, Ida, is her place to express her ideas and interests, including outfit ideas, the stuff she creates, tips worth sharing, and some bits and pieces of her life.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Arisse de Santos

Influencer Arisse de Santos holding birthday cake inside restaurant

A marketing graduate from De La Salle University-Manila, Arisse de Santos has been blogging since 2006 which eventually led to the launch of Love, A – her personal turned lifestyle and beauty blog. In 2014, she started landing endorsements and modeling jobs and is now known a full-time online influencer.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to her blog here.

Martha Sta.Barbara

Influencer Martha Sta.Barbara inside a ball pit kissing a makeup product

Martha is a blogger and PR Consultant with a penchant for anything and everything that inspires beauty. She's also a loving daughter and doting mother to her golden retriever, Denver. Check out her blog, The Beauty Junkee, for her daily musings about life, love, art, food, dogs, fashion, make-up, skin care, perfumes, and inner beauty, with updates on the latest, hottest, and hippest products to hit the local beauty shelves.

Join her growing group of followers on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog and YouTube channel.

Jackie Go

Influencer Jackie Go sitting on curb of sidewalk in floral pants

Lifestyle blogger Jackie Go started her blog in 2010, and since then, her online presence has paved the way for her to work with major brands, including P&G, Smart Telecommunications, Dyson, and Estee Lauder. Visit her blog for an intimate window into her life, including her small victories & triumphs as a parent, her food and shopping discoveries and her workouts & ways to be healthy.

Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her blog.

Who are your favorite bloggers from the Philippines? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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