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At the beginning of every year, we love saying, “this year, I will work on this, I will change that, I will become better”. But, let’s be honest with ourselves. How many of the goals you set at the beginning of a year have you accomplished so far? Nonetheless, this drive for change is what makes us human. Wishing for things to change for the better is the first step. And first steps are crucial. 

Having this in mind, we’ve made a list of simple things you can change in your life. Check out our recommendations and be bold in your wishing to make changes. With MyUS, you can shop for your favorite products from retailers in the United States and ship internationally with the best delivery rates on the market. 

Focus on Mindfulness

Your mental health may increase if you focus on the here and now. This encompasses your body, your tho, thoughts, and feelings, as well as the environment. This awareness is sometimes referred to as "mindfulness." You may have more fun and learn more about yourself by practicing mindfulness. It may alter your perspective on life and how you respond to difficulties for the better.

Two Minute Mornings: A Journal to Win Your Day Every Day, $14.95

Two minute mornings, a journal to win your day every day by Neil Pasricha in cream and blue

Morning decisions extensively influence the rest of the day: keeping a gratitude journal can help you have a better day in only a few minutes each morning. This written exercise promotes mindfulness and aids in developing a constructive daily focus - the path to developing a lasting positive mental attitude. 

“I bought this a couple of months back, but due to the recent events and being quarantined in my home for the last 2 months... 2-minute mornings have definitely helped maintain my sanity. I have mine just above my toilet paper stand in reach from my throne (lol). Perfectly placed so that I can take two minutes at the beginning of the day when there are very few distractions. I feel more accomplished on the days I write out what “I will let go of, I am grateful for, and will focus on.” It really helps to micro-manage your thoughts so you do not become overwhelmed with the day in day out obligations,” remarks Allie Pacino.

Make Healthy Food Choices

What you eat has a significant impact on your mental health. Your mental health is better protected by eating a diet high in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, and unsaturated fats. Your physical, mental, and nutritional fitness will improve if you choose better foods.

Ninja® Air Fryer Foodi®  6-in-1, with 2 Baskets, $179

Ninja Air Fryer foodie 8qt. 6 in 1 with two baskets and dual-zone technology

By the majority of standards, air frying is healthier than oil frying. It reduces calories by 70 to 80 percent.  According to one research, air frying reduces acrylamide, which research links to greater chances of getting cancer, in fried potatoes by 90%.

The Ninja Foodi Air Fryer has two separate baskets that allow you to cook two items simultaneously. It has six programmable modes: Air Fry, Air Broil, Roast, Bake, Reheat and Dehydrate. It also includes 15 chef-inspired recipes, extra meal alternatives, and cooking charts.

I got this as a Christmas gift last year and I absolutely love it! The dual baskets make making dinner much easier. Ps if you like salmon…400 degrees - 8 minutes. PERFECT!” exclaims Lauren2696.

Drink More Water

It is critical for your health to drink adequate water every day. Drinking water can help avoid dehydration, which can cause foggy thinking, mood swings, overheating, constipation, and kidney stones. Think about ways how to boost your daily water intake.

Hidrate Spark PRO Smart Water Bottle, $69

Hidrate Spark Pro smart water bottle with water intake tracker and chug lid

If you continually forget to drink water, meet Hidrate Spark Pro, the world's most innovative water bottle. The LED smart sensor puck illuminates to remind you to drink and records your water consumption through Bluetooth on the free iOS and Android apps. Make it your own by selecting the ideal lid, color, and size, then selecting from the app's personalized glow colors and engaging light patterns.

An Amazon customer comments: “Got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it, and I love it. The clip close design is very efficient and easy to bring anywhere. Durable outside color despite dropping no dents to be seen, and the mouthpiece is the perfect style for drinking without spilling even on the go. I use it all the time and can’t wait to get my own. The tracking is okay sometimes doesn’t always notify properly and we forget to charge consistently, but helped with the goal in mind of wanting to drink more water because I want to bring it everywhere. Color or not the best water bottle I’ve ever had and I’d never thought I’d feel so happy about a water bottle haha!”

Be Active

Being physically active is not just beneficial to your physical health and fitness. Evidence also suggests that it can benefit your mental health by increasing your self-esteem, assisting you in setting and achieving goals or challenges, and creating chemical changes in your brain that can help to influence your mood positively.

Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness & Health Tracker, $99

Fitbit Charge 5 advanced fitness and health tracker in black

Exercising is more enjoyable when you have a continuous partner who monitors your progress regularly. Fitbit Charge 5 is one of the market's greatest fitness bands, offering many features. With a Daily Readiness Score, you may improve your training regimen, get a daily Stress Management Score, watch your heart health, skin temperature variance, real-time speed & distance tracker, and so much more.

I adore this thing. I used my Fitbit Alta HR forever, literally 5 or 6 years. I wanted something *new* and attempted to replace it with the Luxe, which fell short of expectations and was promptly returned, and then an Apple Watch SE 2nd gen which was also returned. I loved that my Alta HR tracked my heart rate and steps accurately without being big and bulky, and the battery lasted an entire week. Well, I finally decided to try again and ordered the Charge 5, and it is HANDS DOWN the best fitness tracker I've ever had. I like that it tracks skin temp while sleeping and ECG and all that, but what blew me away was that I charged it to 70%ish, went to Hawaii where I wore it constantly (ocean, pool, hot days), took more than 20k steps per day, and when I got home 5 days later, it still had 20% battery left. I feel it is accurate with step counting and heart rate monitoring, battery life is unmatched, and I'll be buying one for all of my Fitbit-loving family members for Christmas. Buy it!” recommends Stephanie.

Learn New Skills

According to research, acquiring new skills may enhance your mental health by increasing self-confidence and self-esteem, assisting you in developing a sense of purpose, and connecting with others.

Wood Burning Kit, $25.99

Wood burning kit with 21 interchangeable tips and accessories

Even if you believe you don't have enough time or don't need to learn new things, there are several methods to incorporate learning into your life. If you want to try something new, this Premium quality wood-burning set with 21 replaceable tips and accessories is perfect for fabric embossing, carving, soldering, image transferring, paper making, hot stamping, and stencil cutting. 

"I like how many different tips you get and a lot of wood samples to try! This was a fun gift from my husband! I'm a crafty person and I had fun starting out. It even comes with carbon papers to copy a design onto the wood." Carmiketuck

A Clean Home For a Better Health

Keeping your house clean and neat is no easy task, but it might be crucial to your emotional and physical well-being. Cleaning and decluttering encourage a healthy mental attitude and may be energizing, allowing you to focus on other difficulties in your life.

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S, $199.99 (was $229.99)

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac slim in black

RoboVac 11S is a compact, clever, and strong home assistant that runs silently and has a suction capacity of 1300 Pa. It can vacuum for up to 100 minutes on hardwood floors while maintaining continuous, strong suction at a sound no louder than a microwave. It also recharges itself so that it is constantly ready to clean.

I recently updated our Eufy from a model that was years old to this unit. We've had it less than a week, but it has already proven far superior to the older unit. This new Eufy creates maps of our main floor, allows that map to be edited into rooms and zones, lets you direct it to a specific room without placing physical barriers in its path, has adjustable suction levels, enables you to select a particular location for spot cleaning, and a grab bag of other tricks. All in all, this is well worth the money," states Allan D. Agnus.

Start Your Day with a Lovely Cup of Coffee

Not only is the ritual of preparing your daily coffee a terrific way to start the day off right, but the coffee itself may directly contribute to a decrease in despair, exhaustion, and poor mood, improving your overall well-being and mental health.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville, $194.99 (was $249.95)

Nespresso Vertuo single-serve Coffee and Espresso machine in chrome color

The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine is the ideal partner for quickly brewing your favorite cup of coffee. At the push of a button, you may enjoy your coffee robust, mild, hot, or iced in four different cup sizes. 

Brewer is excellent and makes an excellent Espresso. Took a few minutes to learn the Process to use it correctly, and then I was happy. Recommend this Product," says Brian E. Warkman.

How are you going to boost your well-being this year? Please share your opinions with us on Facebook and Instagram. Your goals will be easier to achieve with MyUS. Save money by combining multiple products into one shipment and receive exceptional discount prices thanks to our long-term partnerships with world-renowned carriers.

We wish you a prosperous start to the year filled with memorable events!

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