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9 Products American Expats Can’t Live Without

Just because you’re living abroad, doesn’t mean you have to go without the comforts you're used to. With MyUS, you can shop for the American items you can't get overseas. Stock up, and we'll ship to you in as fast as 2 to 4 days. Here are 9 items American expats tend to miss the most...

1. Air Conditioners

White air conditioner with three vents

This common US appliance is a luxury in many other countries around the world. Isn’t it time you treated yourself to a little luxury? Shop window units or portable air conditioners online at Lowes.

2. Your Favorite Makeup and Toiletries

Makeup products displayed in a Walgreens aisle

Stop missing your favorite cosmetics, deodorants, toothpastes and other personal hygiene products because the smaller stores overseas don’t offer the variety you’re grew used to in America. Get them at

3. Levi's Jeans

Woman wearing Levi's ripped jeans and black top

This American original is always among the top most-missed US products. Stop buying inferior denim in sizes that don’t make sense, and stock up on the riveted original. Shop Levi's online here.

4. Luxury Shower Heads

Silver rectangular showerhead and thinner rectangular head with water coming out

Large, pulsating shower heads that remind you of back home. Find them on sale at Amazon.

5. Measuring Cups You're Used To

4 colorful silicone measuring cups and 4 blue silicone measuring spoons

The recipes you brought with you probably aren’t in metric measurements, so we know these cups will save your pies, pancakes and other favorites. Shop for measuring sets.

6. Soap, Lotions & Body Washes

Japanese Cherry Blossom body wash and lotion bottles with plastic packaging

Get your favorite soaps, lotions and body washes you can’t find overseas. You can find all the skincare products you need at Bath and Body Works.

7. Your Favorite Laundry Detergent & Stain Sticks

Tide to go pen in packaging and Tide Box

Laundry day hasn’t been the same since you left, has it? Get your clothes clean and smelling like home with your  favorite detergents and stain sticks. Find at

8. Clothes Dryers

White clothes dryer with big white knob and silver ringed door

If your new home away is wired correctly, why hang the clothes outside? Besides, nothing beats a hot, fluffy towel right out of the dryer. Find good deals at Lowes.

9. Ziploc Bags

4 ziploc bag product boxes

Have you missed the variety of sizes on everybody’s favorite storage bags? Get every size you want at Walmart.


We’re happy to help US expats enjoy the comforts of their former American home no matter where they live today. Take advantage of cheap and fast international shipping and get the American products you miss most in just a few days!

MyUS has made every effort to provide the best available shopping options for our members. Some of the items featured above may not be available. Stores listed above may also have purchase restrictions, may not take all forms of payment or may restrict purchases to certain countries. Please check the each merchant’s website for terms of sale, shipping guidelines or terms and conditions for more information.


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