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8 Gifts Your Grandparents Will Love

If your family is anything like mine, your grandparents end up with the highest gift count over the holiday season--because they deserve it! We picked 8 gifts Gram and Gramps will be sure to like.

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8 Great Gifts for Grandma and Grandpa

Driving Gloves

mens gloves   womens gloves

Due to medical conditions, certain prescriptions or geography, grandparents may be more susceptible to the cold. And gripping a cold steering wheel is never fun, regardless of your age. Help protect them in style with these fashionable driving gloves. Note if you buy gloves: Some items containing leather cannot be shipped to certain countries. Please check your country's import laws to confirm you can ship these home.

Where to Buy Them: Find both Bionic Gloves for Papa and Isotoner gloves for Gramma on Amazon


Digital Photo Frame

Chances are, your grandparents are the premier photo collectors of the family. What better way to let them fawn over all their family photos than to have them all in one place? Get this 8" Hi-Res frame from NIX on sale for just $59.99 (normally $89.99). 

Where to Buy It: Shop Online at


Foot Spa

Think about it...your grandparents' feet have been supporting them for four, five, six decades or longer. Pamper their feet with this all-in-one model from Conair. It's marked down from $198 to just $98.98.

Where to Buy It: Get a Great Deal on Amazon


Amazon Fire Tablet

Many grandparents love to read, but most do not like having to lug around 30 pounds of books and magazines with them. Lift their burden by giving them a great tablet at an affordable price. This 7" model with Wi-FI and 8GB of space is just $49.99.

Where to Buy It:


All-Clad Deluxe Slow Cooker

The set-it-and-forget-it nature of the crock pot makes it a great gift for grandparents. No longer will they have to slave over a hot stove to make their famous meals. Now they will have time to sit back and enjoy their other gifts while this one does all the work. This sleek 7-qt. Slow Cooker from Williams Sonoma is available for $249.95 (marked down from $400).

Where to Buy It: Williams and Sonoma


PrideSports Golf Ball Pickup

This might be one of the cheapest gifts you'll buy this season, but may end up being one of your grandparents' favorite. Forget having to bend over and risk throwing out your back to pick up a ball. With this little device, you'll be able to simply turn over your putter and pluck the ball from the green.

Where to Buy It: Buy it on


Lifestyle Suction Rail

Okay, so maybe one gift should be about safety. After all, your grandparents are more prone to injury as they get older. Considering how some of us younger folks have a hard enough time not slipping in the shower, this could be of great help to them. Easy to set up and fairly inexpensive, get this Suction Bar from Bed Bath and Beyond for $24.99.

Where to Buy It: Bed, Bath & Beyond


KitchenAid Standing Mixer

If you`re lucky, your grandmother loves to bake. Why not reward both of you by giving her this top-of the-line standing mixer from KitchenAid? This mixer features a heavy duty 325-watt motor and is available in over 30 colors. Get it now on sale for $314.99 (formerly $349.99).

Where to Buy It: Find it at Bed, Bath & Beyond


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