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The iPhone 5 is Here! How to Buy it from Outside the United States

For technology enthusiasts, Apple’s annual iPhone release is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year. This year’s iPhone 5 release is no different, and the new iPhone model promises a bigger screen, thinner profile, better camera, faster processor and blazing-fast 4G LTE data service. With pre-orders currently underway, we want to help you get one of these hot new gadgets as quickly as possible.

What’s New for iPhone 5?

Like previous iPhone models, the iPhone 5 features a sleek aluminum and glass design and the popular iOS operating system. The new iPhone model includes an improved Siri voice interface; in addition to answering questions and sending messages, Siri can now also act as a personal assistant who can even make restaurant reservation.

More importantly, iPhone 5 ships with a 4-inch display that is considerably larger than the screen on previous models. It also includes a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and one of the highest resolutions on the market. The iPhone 5 is also both lighter and thinner than previous models.

How Can I Buy the New iPhone if I Live Outside the United States?

Download the MyUS Shopping extension! Shop multiple US Stores, add them to your MyUS cart, and checkout once. It's as easy as that! Our international shipping costs are UPFRONT in your total costs before you pay. 

Have you already ordered the iPhone 5? What do you think? We would love to hear your input, so please share it with us below!


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