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Essential Products for Baby-Proofing Your Home

Want to make your home a safe space where your baby can grow, play, and thrive? Then it’s time to get baby-proofing!

From locks and bumpers to gates and knob covers, we’ve rounded up our favorite baby-proofing products below, and they can all be shipped internationally from US websites with MyUS!

Clear Stove Knob Covers (5 Pack) $12.95

Clear stove knob covers on a stainless steel and black stove

Prevent little ones from playing with dangerous stove knobs with this set of 5 Clear Stove Knob Covers. They have a sleek clear design to blend perfectly with your kitchen and decor. Most importantly, they are easy to use with a hinged lid for adult access while remaining baby-proof. 

“Are you tired of running to the stove every time your toddler is near it, and saying “No, HOT” in your sleep? When toddlers can walk they are into everything, and especially curious in touching, pushing, turning, etc. When they reach those little fingers up to the stove knob-it’s not always that difficult to turn. These safety stove covers are literally life savers. They are so easy to open and close with one hand for adult but not child. They are easily seen through while cooking and can be easily put on and removed without leaving a trace of anything or marks behind. Best child proofing ever, and you can’t beat the price!” says a SAHM Teacher in their five-star product review.

Safety 1st SecureTech Cabinet Lock $5.99

Orange and white package containing one Safety 1st SecureTech cabinet lock

Babies love opening cabinets, making them one of the first things parents often baby-proof. The Safety 1st SecureTech Cabinet Lock is an Amazon bestseller because it keeps cabinets securely closed with its SecureTech lock, but is easy for adults to remove with the push of a button. 

“These locks are great. I’m buying them to replace a cheaper set of cabinet locks that were endlessly frustrating. The key feature that helps here is the knob at the end that prevent the sliding piece from falling off (see photos). With my cheaper locks it would come off completely and was really tricky to put back on. Worth spending the extra money for these. Seem very well made. Works on different types of cabinet knobs (knobs and pulls).” says The-M-Team in their online review.

Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Child Safety Lock System (Set of 8 Locks and 2 Keys) $44.99

Yellow and white package of a set of Safety 1st adhesive magnetic child safety locks system

Prefer a more streamlined look in your kitchen? Try Safety 1st's Adhesive Magnetic Child Safety Lock System. These locks install quickly, easily, and invisibly behind drawers and cabinet doors, and unlocks with a magnetic key that parents can store safely out of reach. Each package comes with 8 locks and 2 keys. 

“These have held up great! We have tried two other brands, and this is the first to hold up. My husband also said the installation was "genius" and someone really thought out how to make installation as super smooth, especially compared to the other brands we have tried. Everything feels nice quality, and I anticipate it will continue holding up. These are expensive, but I won't waste my money next time on other lock systems. I'm going to re-buy this hands down.” says Amy Robertson in her product review.

Roving Cove Edge and Corner Guards $18.75

Roll of baby-proofing edges and rubber foam roll in black onyx

Coffee tables, sofa tables, and fireplace hearths with their pointy edges can quickly become a hazard for crawlers and walkers. Make them soft and baby-friendly with Edge and Corner Guards from Roving Edge. Available in black, tan or white, each set comes with 4 corners and 15 feet of edging made from thick, dense foam designed to cushion and protect. It all secures easily with authentic easy-to-peel 3M double-sided tape. 

“This is the best buy for this type of product that I've seen. The adhesive strips stick to the foam and to brick. There's plenty of it (adhesive and foam) and it doesn't look half bad either!” says eternalgreenknight in their glowing review.

Safety 1st Décor Easy Install Tall & Wide Baby Gate with Pressure Mount Fastening $69.99

Decorative metal baby gate with pressure mount fasteners

Block off stairs hallways, or whole rooms without sacrificing style in your home with this Décor Easy Install Tall & Wide Baby Gate with Pressure Mount Fastening from Safety 1st. It installs with pressure mount fastening, so you son't have to make holes in your walls, and it has a door that's easy for adults to open with one hand.

“I absolutely love this gate. It was on the expensive side but definitely worth it. I got my first one during my baby shower then I got another one again to secure the bottom stair so my baby can’t go up. Made of metal. Not cheaply made. Super easy to use and install.” says Mariam in her five-star review.

Safety Innovations Twin Door Babyproof Outlet Cover Box $12.95

White outlet cover box shown closed, opening, and open

As dangerous as they can be for little fingers, outlets are a necessary part of every home. Make them safe with this Twin Door Babyproof Outlet Cover Box for Babyproofing Outlets from Safety Innovations. It has a double locking system that requires two hands to open for better safety, with plenty of room for larger plugs. 

“I love this outlet cover! My 8 month old can't keep his little crawling hands off anything. This solved some serious concerns. I love that you have to push the buttons on both the top and bottom at the same time to open. We ran cable covers out the bottom hole so our little one can't pull on the cords at all. Bot is a little bulky, but that's to be expected as it needs to provide room for the cord's depth when plugged in. We will be buying more of these soon.” says LilStarlet in her online review.

Furniture Straps (10 Pack) $11.99

White furniture strap shown secured to a wall with a picture of a toddler leaning into a dresser

Did you know that someone is injured by a piece of furniture tipping over every 15 minutes or that toddlers are involved in over 66% of fatalities from furniture tip-over? Prevent those accidents from happening in your home with a set of Furniture Straps. They securely fasten furniture to the wall to help prevent tip-overs, but can be easily released with the press of a button, making it easy to move furniture when needed. 

“Super easy to install and my kids climb all over one of the shelves I have one on; I check the strap regularly and so far so good (a month out). Easy to take the strap off to move the furniture for cleaning or whatever and also can easily be replaced if it starts showing signs of wear. Even took them to my moms to secure some stuff. Will definitely buy more as I need them” says Lisa Bainter in her five-star review.

Roving Cove Banister Guard $17.49

Toddler standing up and pressing against a safety banister guard

Make staircases and second floor hallways safe for babies with a Banister Guard from Roving Cove. It installs on your balcony or stair banisters with releasable cable ties, and has soft, see-through mesh for maximum visibility. Available in almond or pearl.

“This worked perfectly for our home- we have a bi-level with open banisters at the top that looks over the stairs that go to the lower level. It's a big drop and toddlers think it's a fun game to throw anything they can down said drop. This was the perfect height, easy to install with zip ties and the color went with the wood very well. I was very happy with this and the toddler has not figured out how to bypass it at all. The netting is quite strong and I don't worry about him when he pushes on it at all. Came with extra zip ties too. Very happy with this purchase!” says nic286 in their online review.

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