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Fun Outdoor Games for the Whole Family

Spring is around the corner and it's time to get outdoors. What better way to spend time outside than with a game you can share with your friends and family? Whether you’re a fan of board games, action games, or competitive games, there are plenty of options for all play preferences.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite outdoor games below, all shipped worldwide from US websites with MyUS.

Spikeball Game Set $55.99

A yellow and black Spikeball Game Set with a black nylon carry bag and three yellow balls

Introduce yourself to the latest game of Spikeball from the comfort of your own yard. This trending outdoor game keeps your buddies and siblings occupied through simple and competitive gameplay. Just serve the ball down into the net to bounce back up at your opponent. If they can't hit it back into the net, you win the point! This set comes with a carry bag so you can bring it to the beach to challenge other people.

“Bought this to play with friends and family indoors outdoors, anywhere really! Super fun sport for any age. Pieces are durable and great quality. LOVE this product!” Nikki raves.

National Sporting Goods Deluxe Archery Set $49.99

National Sporting Goods Deluxe Archery Set with a bow, standing target, and a red shoulder case holding blue arrows with yellow suction cups

Challenge your kids to a game of archery with this National Sporting Goods set. With five arrows with suction cup tips, your family can safely fire arrows indoors or outdoors at the freestanding target. With easy-to-read numbers, you can keep track of points too. 

“This toy has been one of my kids favorite activities lately. They love having competitions with each other and playing with this toy. The arrows stick to the target with a suction cup on the end. At first my kids needed some time to get the hang of it but now they are having lots of fun and playing with it everyday!” K0612 says in their review.

Triumph 4 Square Volleyball/Badminton Set $149.99

Triumph 4 Square Volleyball/Badminton Set with volleyball, air pump, rackets, shuttlecocks, carry bag, spring clips, and boundary rope

Whether you’re going to the beach or hanging out on the patio, excite your friends with this Triumph 4 Square set. Switch between volleyball and badminton in mere seconds. The included carry bag contains all the rackets, nets, and shuttlecocks when you're not playing.

“Awesome kit! Bought this for the family to venture out to the park. The net was easy to install. I also love how you can store everything in the bag that comes with this kit. Super easy to pack up when it's time to go.” Maliah K writes.

Multi-Player Laser Tag Set $148.76

A set of ArmoGear Store Multi-Player Laser Tag blasters with red, blue, green, and orange electronic sensor vests

The fun doesn’t have to end at sunset when you have this Laser Tag set from ArmoGear. With four color-coded blasters and vests, you can transform your backyard into an action-packed arena. Unlock all the different blaster settings for different play styles. Why watch TV or play video games, when you can be on your feet and actually chasing your friends with lasers!

“I bought these for my 3 grandsons, ages 5,7 and 9. They love playing laser tag and my daughter says it really helps them burn off a lot of energy while having a great time.” Calvin S comments.

Bean Toss $299

Two grey L.L. Bean wooden Bean Toss boards painted with trees and a set each of blue and red bean bags

There’s nothing that will get your arm swinging like a classic game of Bean Toss. This handcrafted and hand-painted corn hole game inspires simple backyard fun for the whole family. There’s no complicated assembly required so take turns tossing red or blue bean bags from a distance and see who can get all the bags in the hole. 

“We are staying home for now. I bought this product for my son’s family- 2 girls, age 9 and 11. We play it almost constantly. We play teams and one on one. It fits on the deck of their house. It it very sturdy and attractive. My family loves it.” says Graanpdmother.

Hey! Play! 8-Inch Wooden Lawn Bowling Set $32.99

A set of ten blue and gold Hey! Play! 8-inch Wooden Lawn Bowling pins, two wooden bowling balls, and a black nylon carry bag

Bring bowling outdoors without traveling to a bowling alley or causing chaos in the house with this portable Wooden Lawn Bowling Set! With wooden construction and vibrant colors, it provides wholesome entertainment for friends and family or all ages. It’s the perfect lawn game to play throughout spring and summer. 

“Great Family Fun for all ages” states Mawmaw. 

BULZiBUCKET Game $69.99

A pair of green and black BULZiBUCKETs with six blue, white, black, and green hacky sacks

What happens when you put a game of cornhole in a pool setting? You get BULZiBucket! Enjoy matches on camp trips, beach days, and pool parties. Float the stackable buckets in the water if you have a pool, or set up the buckets on the ground, then assign your teams and start tossing your hacky sacks!

“We play this game in our pool, in the yard and on the beach. It's a fun game that is light and compact to carry around. Adults, teens and kids love it. I recommend it.” Sid states in their five-star review.

Inflatable Bumper Ball $109.99

4-foot large blue and clear Oanon Inflatable Bumper Ball with various double strings and two handles on the inside

Roll across the yard and down hills or bounce off each other in any environment while remaining safely inside the Inflatable Bumper Ball. Whether you are playing soccer at the park or tumbling through a snowy slope, climb into this bumper ball for a secure, bouncy, stress-free experience. If you don't feel like bouncing around inside a bubble suit, it can also be used as a giant soccer ball for larger-than-life competitions. 

“These bumper knocker balls are fantastic!! The kids love to bump into each other in the field and roll in them down the hill. They're safe, sturdy and lots of fun!!” Musiclover raves.

Ring Toss Yard Games $52.49

A red, blue, and white wooden Ring Toss Yard Game with rope rings, blue and red plastic rings, and a green carry bag

Are you looking for a fun and challenging outdoor game? If so, then this Ring Toss set is the right game for you! Ring Toss helps children develop and improve hand eye coordination, turn-taking skills, and sportsmanship. It’s the ideal set for teaching teamwork and healthy competition among friends and family. This set includes different types of rings for different levels of challenge.

“I love that my kids have never seen or heard of this game. They've been playing it for two months now and still love it. Easy for younger kids to play but technical enough to keep older kids entertained.” Quiot Mom says.

Jumbo-4-To-Score Giant Game $159

A red and blue Jumbo-4-To-Score Connect Four Giant Game with yellow and green rings on the side holders

If you love large-scaled items and Connect Four, then you’ll enjoy this Jumbo-4-To-Score Giant Game. It's giant size will definitely attract attention and laughs from friends and family. Just snap the pieces together, pick a color ring, and play at the next BBQ, beach party, hangouts, and more! 

“My children love this new lawn game we just purchased, it’s just a perfect size for children and adults.” Qahira states.

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