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Answering Your Shipping Questions: Package Weight

Are you an international shopper looking to navigate the maze of shipping costs and package weights? Look no further! At MyUS, we understand that international shipping can feel like solving a complex puzzle. One of the most crucial pieces? Package weight. Let's dive into the world of package weights and unveil the magic of MyUS TruePrice!

Dimensional Weight vs. Package Weight

When it comes to shipping, it's not just about the actual weight of your package but also its dimensions. Let's unravel the mystery behind dimensional weight and package weight to understand how MyUS True Price simplifies your shipping costs.

Dimensional Weight vs. Package Weight: What's the Difference?

Package Weight: This refers to the actual physical weight of your package—how heavy it is when placed on a scale. It includes the item, packaging, and any additional materials.

Dimensional Weight: Sometimes, carriers use the package's size to calculate shipping costs. If your package is large but lightweight, carriers may charge based on dimensional weight rather than the actual weight. It's a way to account for the space a package occupies in a carrier's vehicle.

The formula for dimensional weight varies slightly among carriers, but a commonly used formula is:

Dimensional Weight (in pounds) = (Length x Width x Height) / Dimensional Factor

The dimensional factor is a constant number determined by the carrier. For most international shipments, the dimensional factor is often 139 (in cubic inches per pound) for major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. However, it can differ for specific services.

Why MyUS TruePrice Is Your Hero

Here's the game-changer: MyUS TruePrice keeps it simple by charging members based solely on package weight. You read that right—no complicated formulas involving dimensional weight. This means:

No Surprises: You won't be caught off guard by inflated costs due to dimensional weight calculations. TruePrice ensures that you pay based on the actual weight of your package, providing clarity and transparency.

Fair and Accurate Pricing: Say goodbye to worrying about how much space your package takes up. TruePrice focuses solely on the weight of your items, giving you a fair deal every time you ship.

By charging based on package weight alone TruePrice eliminates the hassle of factoring in dimensions and ensures that you pay for what truly matters—the weight of your items.

Final Thoughts

Navigating package weights and shipping costs doesn't have to be a daunting task. With MyUS, you're equipped with the tools for a seamless, cost-effective shipping experience. Embrace the power of accurate estimates, consolidation perks, and transparent pricing—the key to stress-free international shopping!

Ready to unlock the world of hassle-free shipping? Explore MyUS today and wave goodbye to shipping cost uncertainties!


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