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Answering Your Shipping Questions: Package Weight

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MyUS Customer Service account managers receive many questions every day, and we want to answer each of these questions with a personal, information-filled response.

Recently, some customers have asked us why the content weight shown in the Inbox is sometimes different from the weight shown on courier labels. Though the weight shown in your Inbox is often the same as the weight on the courier label, several factors may make them differ.

In many cases, merchants estimate the weight of the package they send to your MyUS suite. Because the actual shipping weight is not known until the merchandise and packing materials are sealed inside a box, merchants may estimate the weight to expedite the shipping process. These estimates will appear on the courier’s shipping label, but may be heavier or lighter than the actual package weight.

In some cases, merchants use the actual weight of the product itself to estimate shipping weight. Because packing materials, padding, stickers, labels and the box all add weight to the package, these estimates might be much lighter than the weight of the actual package that arrives at your MyUS suite.

We carefully record the actual weight of each package when your purchases arrive at the MyUS Distribution Center. This measurement is the weight that you see in your MyUS Inbox.

In most cases, though, the package that we send to your international address will weigh less when it leaves our Distribution Center. Our free consolidation and repacking processes reduce the actual weight and dimensional weight of your packages, saving you up to 80% on international shipping costs.

If you believe the weight shown in your Inbox is not correct, you can always ask us to verify the weight by submitting an Inspect Package request directly from your MyUS account. For more information on dimensional weight and how our FREE repacking service saves you money, please see our International Shipping Rates page.  


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