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What Are Japanese Shoppers Loving From the US?

Looking to shop the US and curious about where to start? Check out what our Japanese members are loving from US retailers, and then shop and ship to Japan with our low international shipping rates!

Top US Products Shipped to Japan:

Infographic with top stores and top products that MyUS Japanese members love to shop in the US

Japanese shoppers love shopping for toys from the US! And it's hard to resist when there are so many toys for everyone, like this adorable, adoptable plush pet and this fun dice game of chance that can get pretty competitive!

Shoppers in Japan also love to rewatch favorite episodes of classic TV shows like FRIENDS and enjoy fun dinosaur-centric family films like Jurassic World.

Why Are Japanese Shoppers Loving MyUS?

MyUS makes it fast and convenient for you to ship US products to South Africa. Our process is simple:

  1. Become a MyUS member online.
  2. You'll receive a personal US address to ship your purchases.
  3. Ship your purchases directly or conveniently pack multiple purchases into one box to save even more on international shipping.
  4. When your packages leave our warehouse, they can arrive at your door in as little as 2-4 days!

Shipping rates to Japan start as low as $14.99. Don't miss out on fast and convenient shipping with the #1 rated company!


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