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The iPad Mini is Available Now!

In one of the most anticipated product launches of the year, Apple introduced the new iPad Mini earlier this week. If you are in the market for a small form-factor tablet computer with a powerful processor and all the benefits of an Apple iPad, the iPad Mini may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Apple designed the new iPad Mini to fit firmly in the palm of your hand. This new tablet sports a 7.9” screen that offers 26 square inches of viewable space at a respectable resolution of 1024 x 768. This screen size allows you see more of your favorite web pages and video game graphics than you would see on any other mid-sized tablet. Apple noted that the iPad Mini screen is 35 percent larger than comparable Android tablets in portrait mode; in landscape mode, the Mini is an incredible 67 percent larger than its competitors—all in a super thin and ultra-lightweight aluminum and glass package!

The technology in the iPad Mini makes this tablet thinner and lighter than any other tablet computer available. According to Apple, the iPad Mini is as thin as a pencil and weighs about as much as a pad of paper. If you’re planning to carry iPad in your laptop bag or purse, the Mini is certainly the most mobile iPad model available!

Apple also packed an amazing number of features into such a small tablet. The new iPad Mini offers the same A5 processor found on earlier full-sized iPad models, and the new device boasts the popular “Lightning” connector that allows you to connect the Mini to a monitor, TV, USB device or other peripheral.

You can surf the Internet faster on the iPad Mini, too! The built-in WiFi connection that comes standard on all models of the iPad Mini supports 802.11 b, g and n connectivity with frequency ranges up to five gigahertz (5GHz); this development makes 802.11n connections nearly twice as fast as those on other tablet computers. If you’re mobile, you can also connect to the Internet over a 4G LTE wireless data connection using an array of both American and International wireless networks. These wireless technologies allow you to load your favorite websites, like, at speeds that rival your wired connection at home!

If you’re already an iPad owner, you’ll be glad to know that the iPad Mini supports all 275,000+ apps currently available for iPad. It also features a Facetime HD camera compatible with your favorite video chatting apps, and the built-in five megapixel rear-facing camera lets you take stunning high-resolution photos with your Mini. With its smaller form and high resolution camera, you can finally leave your camera at home and comfortably enjoy taking photos on your iPad Mini!

If you are in the market for a small form-factor tablet computer with a powerful processor and all the benefits of an Apple iPad, you’ll be glad to know that Apple is accepting pre-orders for the iPad Mini right now! Just visit the Apple website to place your order, and will ship it to you and help you be one of the first to show off your new iPad Mini.


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