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Lamps for Iftar

Make your iftar or suhoor a whole mood with beautiful glowing lamps and lights. The soft glow will make breaking fast at sunset or before sunrise feel lively—and delicious—with mood-setting lighting.

Enjoy your feast with any of the charming lamps or lanterns below, and ship lights to over 220 countries around the world while saving on US sales tax.

LampLust Fairy Light Lanterns $44.99

Two rectangular gold LampLust Fairy Light Lanterns with transparent sides enclosing thin strands of lights

These eight-inch-tall decorative lanterns from LampLust can be hung using the ring at the top or placed on flat surfaces for a pleasing ambience. Featuring a 6-hour timer option and batteries that are included, you can put these to use as soon as they arrive and set them to shine for your desired length of time. 

“These gold lanterns are stunning. They have a timer feature that is my favorite since I don’t have to remember to turn them off. The lanterns are well made. The flicker is realistic, gentle, and non distracting,” raves amynicoletta in their five-star review. 

Kindgoo Mosaic Lamp $32.99

Kindgoo Mosaic Lamp with silver metal pointed top and wider base enclosing multicolored mosaic glass globe

This attractive, electric-corded lamp from Kindgoo is sure to be an Iftar favorite. With its five-watt LED bulb, it provides soft light while also becoming a lovely addition to the décor. 

“Love this light. Adds a nice calming ambiance to the room,” Shelby Stiles says in their online review. 

Gracewood Hollow Jeweled Table Lamp $131.98

Gracewood Hollow jeweled rectangular table lantern with rounded top and ornamental metal flower patterned sides filled with multicolored gems

Gracewood Hollow presents this lamp adorned with 235 gems, in green, blue, and yellow, allowing for multicolored illumination. Just supply a sixty-watt incandescent bulb for this unique model and your table is set.

In their online review, Sarah R. comments, “Fabulous Far Eastern influenced lamp. Hand crafted and beautifully put together. I have added a flickering bulb which creates a lovely warm effect. Highly recommended.”

Demmex Mosaic Table Lamp $53.80

Demmex mosaic red, yellow, and orange tiled wide, oval globe casting flower pattern of light on surrounding walls, brass top and base enclosing globe hanging from brass swan-neck holder, brass star hanging from base of globe

This table lamp from Demmex is sophisticated and classy, adding just the right amount of light to your meal. Standing at sixteen inches high, this lamp can easily serve as a centerpiece or be a lovely addition to the room. The multicolored globe offers a welcoming warm glow. 

“These are gorgeous. They throw light so well, and make pretty patterns in the wall. And the globes help defuse the light so it’s not as glaring,” says Mona Chase, who loves their purchase.

Lights4fun Candle Lanterns $29.99

Six Lights4Fun, Inc. small black candle lanterns with clear sides revealing a tea light inside each lantern

Lights4Fun, Inc. offers us these endearing black tea light lanterns. At four and a half inches tall, these lights are perfect for placing on a table to provide a cozy radiance without compromising safety: the LED tealights are battery-operated.

In their online review, Paula happily comments, “These are little and adorable for table placement. Very beautiful, nice ambiance, perfect for your special day!”  

Vintage Moroccan Table Lantern $33.14

Black metal vintage Moroccan decor lamp lantern in two-tiered pear-shape with laser cut-outs in a beautiful pattern all around, a candle projecting the light pattern onto the surrounding surface

This round filigreed table lantern is a stunning accent to your Iftar festivities. Versatile enough to be hung as a decoration or placed on a table, this lantern provides gentle, flickering light through the decorative cut-outs and the perfect dining ambience. 

“This lamp is so cute its just the perfect size. With it being battery operated makes its nice and easy to put anywhere without having to worry about a cord!” raves Cassandra Carney in their five-star review.

Vela Lanterns Decorative Candle Lantern $17.99

Vela Lanterns rectangular candle lantern with black, decoratively carved metal top, bottom, and corner pillars, blue etched panels, and ring at the top for hanging

A decorative six-sided glass candle lantern from Vela Lanterns will surely add a touch of elegance to any meal. An LED candle or tealight will allow each of the six-inch-tall colored panels to show off the etched designs and glow beautifully. This lantern comes in a wide variety of colors so you can choose just the right one for your table. They also come in a hanging version to illuminate an outdoor evening feast.

“I was very pleased with my lanterns. I bought three different ones a blue, green and an orange one. They look great in my stand. They arrived promptly and were well packed. I put a battery tea light votive candle in them. I love the vibrant color. They look beautiful when the sun hits them,” says Dawn M. Rae, loving their purchase.

BHCLIGHT Moon Light $14.99

BHCLIGHT crescent moon outline shape light on straight plastic lit stand leading into a round base with a black power switch on top, emitting warm white light

This lovely, pleasing crescent moon lamp from BHCLIGHT is the perfect finishing touch to any Iftar table. You can charge this light with a USB cable, or provide three AA batteries, and ensure this pretty moon will glow all night!

In her five-star review, Abby raves, “I love it a lot, super lovely light. Shortly after purchasing this one I got one for my friends birthday and she’s a fan too!”

We hope you found a lamp that suits your iftar or suhoor table here, and remember, these all ship internationally and US sales-tax-free with MyUS!

We always aim to bring our members the best shopping options available, but some of the products featured in this post may have purchase restrictions. To find more information, please visit the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines and/or terms and conditions.


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