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Shop with MyUS: Miss Universe-Inspired Items

The Miss Universe pageant is one of the most iconic beauty competitions in the world, showcasing the talents and beauty of young women from all over the globe. On January 14, we were able to watch the 71st Miss Universe pageant, where Miss United States took home the win. This pageant inspired many women to try something new style and makeup-wise.

If you're a fashionista or just looking to add glamour to your wardrobe, you'll love our beauty and fashion products inspired by the pageant.

Grace Karin women's long dress, $43

red evening gown

When we think of elegance, we think of a stunning evening gown inspired by the iconic Miss Universe pageants. This elegant dress features a flattering sweetheart neckline and a flowing train and is made of stretchy fabric. The dress comes in different colors and sizes to suit every skin tone and body shape and will make a statement wherever you go.

If there are no parties to attend or invitations, create the occasion! Get dressed up and look your best in a photo or selfie session. We hope to wear this with a purpose, but we should use it if we have one.” - Spencer Francisco Lau 

14mm false eyelashes, $10

14 pair of eyelashes

A set of false lashes will give you the dramatic and alluring look that only magazine models have. These lashes are made of high-quality synthetic fibers and are easy to apply, thanks to their length. They are perfect for adding volume and length to your lashes, creating a stunning and dramatic look.

These lashes are pretty good. the pack has so many in them and they are a great length. These are great when you need to cut them to fit and they are just very pretty. Definitely recommend” – Ayden S.

Leaf vine headband, $15

golden leave headband crown

This is a beautiful, crown-inspired hair accessory that will add a touch of regal elegance to any hairstyle. This gorgeous leaf vine headband is made of high-quality alloy wire and is adorned with gold, rose gold, or silver paint. It is perfect for prom, homecoming, weddings, or any other special occasion.

Bought this for a Halloween costume and it looked great! Just be careful not to bend the leaves too much.” – Kris 

14K gold post & sterling silver earrings, $42

sterling earrings

No elegant outfit feels complete without a set of sparkling diamond earrings that will add a touch of glamour to whatever it is that you’ll be wearing. These earrings are made of high-quality cubic zirconia, and since they look very soft, they are perfect for special occasions and a simple night out with the girls.

Very pretty and boy do they sparkle, just the way I like my earrings to be!” – Jennifer Priest

Steve Madden women's dress sandals, $70

nude steve madden sandals

Wanna feel like a top model? A set of high heels will give you the height and confidence you need to walk down the runway like a true Versace model. Our pick are these nude Steve Madden sandals. However, if they’re not your cup of tea, tons of models are available in various colors and styles, such as strappy, peep-toe, and closed-toe. Just choose what suits your feed and budget best.

Very nice shoes and they are so comfortable you can wear them for hours without your feet hurting. I have wide feet so this is usually my biggest issue. Happy with this purchase!’ – Lativia

Makeup brush set, $12

rose gold 16 piece makeup set

For an on-top-of-the-world look, you’ll need a high-quality makeup brush set that will help you achieve a flawless, camera-ready look. This set includes foundation, powder, blush, eyebrows, and eyeshadow brushes and is perfect for professional and personal use. The brushes are made of high-quality synthetic fibers and are easy to clean.

My wife has been using Bare essentials makeup for years and she says these are the best brushes she’s had in 11 years. They where a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.” – Salty Dog

That concludes our list. If you're looking for a stunning evening gown, a set of false lashes, or a high-quality make-up brush set, these products will help you achieve your desired look and feel like a Miss Universe contestant.

What will your item of choice be? We’re always in the mood to read your comments on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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