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The Most Wanted Gifts from the USA ~ 2015 Edition

holiday gifts

The holiday retail season is warming up, and soon sales will be everywhere. But when and where will you find the best deals? In the USA, of course!

Start with Black Friday

Black Friday is a huge shopping day in the US, and that means great deals for everyone, no matter what holidays you celebrate. Although Black Friday is technically the day after US Thanksgiving (27 November this year), many of the sales will be starting earlier. This year, look for hot sale prices as early as the first or second week of November.

Pro Holiday Shipping Tip: Use our international shipping calculator to see how much shipping will cost before you buy your gifts. 

Plan Ahead and Buy The Best Gifts Early

To take advantage of the huge number of sales, it’s best to make your shopping list ahead of time, and know which stores will have the lowest prices. Take a look at the top five products at the top of gift lists everywhere.

  • Star Wars - The next chapter of the super-popular Star Wars series won’t hit theaters until December, but the toys are already flying off the shelves. Toys R Us is a great place to find Star Wars games, action figures and memorabilia for all ages, and they always have great sales during the US holiday season. Toys R Us offers free shipping to your MyUS address with any purchase of $19 or more. Shipping Tip: Avoid toys that looks like real weapons, that could hold up your purchase in customs or at our warehouse. This Star Wars one is OK since it's obviously a toy, but just keep this in mind if you shopping other toys that may look more like real weapons.
  • Frozen - When it comes to Elsa, kids aren’t quite ready to ‘let it go’. The new remote control Skate and Sing Elsa is expected to be a bestseller during the US holiday season.
  • Drones - Poised to be the most popular gift of 2015, drones come in a variety of price points and are on lists of kids and adults alike. Look to Amazon for Lightning Deals, Black Friday specials and free shipping to your MyUS address for Prime members. Shipping Tip: Most drones like these can be legally shipped overseas, but if you buy extremely high tech ones that can fly outside of the visual sight of the operator (in the $1k+ range), they may not be allowed to be exported.
  • Apple iPad - iPads are still on the list of top gifts. eBay and Amazon are top choices for good deals.
  • GoPro Action Camera - This is a great gift for the techie and/or adventurous person on your list. Head to eBay or Amazon for a great selection of GoPros at competitive prices.

Check back next week as we continue to bring you MORE most wanted gifts of 2015.

Note: While we have made all efforts to provide the best available shopping options for our members, some merchants listed may have purchase restrictions, or may not take all forms of payment. Please check the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines or terms and conditions for more information.


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