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MyUS Team Member Spotlight

Do you want to learn more about MyUS and the people behind each of your packages? You're in luck because we want to show you! Stay tuned to this blog and to our social pages (Facebook & Instagram) to see team member spotlight videos.

MyUS Team Member Spotlight

Each video will tell you more about the people behind the packages at MyUS. Some of the different positions include shippers, compliance, customer service, marketing and more!

Do you have a question you want to ask our team members? Let us know your question on Facebook or Instagram and maybe it'll show up in our next employee spotlight video!

MyUS Team Member Spotlights

John - System Administrator

Eric - Logger

Cheryl - Administrative Assistant

Melissa - Shipper

Jemier - Shipper

Phil - Facilities Supervisor

Ashley - Customer Service Representative

Kaitlyn - Logger

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