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Shipping Prices Reduced for Our Most Popular Carriers!

MyUS international shipping prices reduced with our most popular carriers. Graphic of airplane and US flag background.

Looking for ways to save when shipping all those amazing US products? You're in luck! MyUS has reduced shipping rates on some of our most popular carriers! Now you can ship to Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Japan, Kuwait, the Maldives, and Qatar with these new low prices.

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We've lowered the shipping rates on some of our most popular carriers so your savings have never been better! Check out the rates for each country below and start shipping with MyUS today!

These Countries' Shipping Rates Have Been Reduced

Your Savings...

  • Ship to Australia—Now As Much As 22% Cheaper!
  • Ship to Bermuda—Now As Much As 21% Cheaper!
  • Ship to Canada—Now As Much As 28% Cheaper!
  • Ship to Japan—Now As Much As 31% Cheaper!
  • Ship to Kuwait—Now As Much As 21% Cheaper!
  • Ship to the Maldives—Now As Much As 26% Cheaper!
  • Ship to Qatar—Now As Much As 40% Cheaper!

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  3. We ship your packages to your international doorstep fast! 

Us Stores MyUS Members Love to Shop With Our Discounted Shipping Rates:

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