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Ten Items You Should Never Leave Your House Without

Does your purse have everything you need to sail through life’s little mishaps with ease?

We’ve rounded up the essential items that every woman should have stashed in her purse to make the most of every day, and they can all be shipped worldwide from US stores in as little as 2-4 days with MyUS.

15. Glossier Solid Perfume $45

Glossier Solid Perfume

Sometimes you just need a little freshening up, and a solid perfume that you can easily throw in your purse, like this one from Glossier, is perfect for the job. Buy yours here

14. Kleenex Slim Pack Tissues $20


Tissues are simply a must-have. Not only are they an essential for runny noses and blotting lipstick, but they're also perfect for wiping away mascara smudges and shielding your hands from germ filled door handles. Try these slim pack tissues from Kleenex, they're space savers! Buy a pack of 12 here.  

13. Notepad & Pen $6

Somewhere to Jot Things Down

A small pad of paper or some sticky notes ensures you'll always have a place to write down ideas, to-do's, or phone numbers at a moment’s notice. Try this set of 3 notepads that comes with sticky notes and pens

12. Scunci Hair Ties $4

Hair Ties

If you have long hair, you know that there's never a hair tie around when you need it. This pack of 30 no-damage hair-ties from Scunci makes it easy to stash a few in your purse so you'll always be prepared. Buy it here.

11. Aquaphor Healing Ointment $15


If you carry any moisturizer in your purse, make it Aquaphor. Not only does it moisturize, but it also calms red, itchy skin, moisturizes lips, tames unruly eyebrows, and can prevent chafing. It can even turn powder eyeshadow or blush into a cream! Buy a pack of 3 here

10. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer $6

Pocket Bac Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must for obvious reasons, but PocketBac hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works smell so good you'll look forward to using them! Buy a pack of six here.

9. Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover $18

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover

Keep a Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover in your purse and you'll never have to go through another day with a coffee stain on your shirt or a grease stain on your pants. Buy a pack of 6 here

8. Blotting Papers $12

Blotting Papers

These absorbent tissues from PleasingCare made from 100% natural linen fibers with organic bamboo charcoal are an easy and elegant way to wipe away excess shine, oil, or even sweat. Buy a two pack here.

7. Safety Pins $7

Safety Pins

Safety pins are true life savers if you pop a button or a seam, and they can also step in as an emergency necklace clasp in a pinch. Buy a pack of 500 assorted safety pins here.

6. Altoids Breath Mints $7

Altoids Breath Mints

Fresh breath throughout the day is a must. Keep a pack of Altoids Smalls in your bag to freshen up after your morning coffee or a lunch that was surprisingly garlicky. Buy a pack of 9 here.

5. Band-Aids $6


Band-Aids can save you from cuts and scrapes, and save your heels when breaking in a new pair of new shoes. This travel case with 8 Band-Aids will save you from the anguish of finding your last Band-Aid unwrapped at the bottom of your purse. Buy a pack of 4 here.

4. Extra Earring Backs $9

Extra Earring Backs

Earring backs can be tricky little things that are easily lost, and there's no hack if you lose one. Keep a few on hand with this pack of replacement backs made of 14K gold. Buy yours here

3. Portable Charger $27

Portable Charger

A portable cellphone charger will ensure you never miss a text, phone call, or photo op again, and this one from Poweradd is lightweight, powerful, and will add 8 solid charges to an iPhone 8, or about 4.5 charges to a iPhone X, or 4 charges to a Samsung Galaxy S8. Buy one here

2. Nail File $8

Nail File

Save yourself from rough nail edges that always seem to pop up while you're out with this glass nail file that never gets dull and comes with a handy travel case. Buy one here.

1. A Great Lipstick $12

Milk Makeup Lipstick

The right lipstick can make you feel like a million bucks, so why leave home without it? If you don't have a favorite, try this delicious red from Milk Makeup. Buy it here.

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