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Tips for Shipping Packages to Russia from the United States

MyUS is here to help you ship from the USA smarter and as cost-effectively as possible! In the Ship Globally section of our website, you will find plenty of helpful tools like a shipping rate calculator, current exchange rates and prohibited items. You will also find a "find your country" section, you can switch countries on the right-hand side to bring up the various regulations for your country. Since we have seen triple-digit growth in new customers from Russia, we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to helpful information about shipping to this country. In our Russian shipping section, you’ll find Tips and Resources, Transit Times and Duty/Tax information specific to this country.
With such great sales continuing to pop up from U.S. retailers, it's a good time to review the list of Prohibited Goods for shipping to Russia. Given that these regulations can change frequently, your local customs office will always be the best source of information. Our guide, however, will help give you a general idea of what is and isn't permitted.

The only prohibited commodities currently listed are antiques and jewelry. There are also certain restrictions concerning the value of items like animal products and skins, ceramic products, circuits and circuit boards, cosmetics, film and more. Your account manager can help you further if you wish to purchase these items.

Average transit times to ship from the USA to Russia range from 4-7 days for express shipping, depending on delivery area. You can choose to have your item shipped via DHL, FedEx or USPS.

The Russian Duty/Tax Free amounts, or de minimus values, are the declared value of your shipment on which duty and tax will not apply. For Russia, you are able to import shipments with values of up to $150 USD without paying a duty or tax.

By being knowledgeable about your country's importing legislation, you will be able to ship your items in a seamless and cost-effective manner every time!


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