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Top 10 Fashion Influencers from Chile

If you haven’t checked out the hottest fashion and beauty influencers from Chile, you’re in for a real treat!

Covering everything from makeup tutorials and styling tips to beauty product reviews and travel inspiration, these social media stars from Chile are the ones you’ll want to follow:

Valentina Urzúa

Influencer Valentina Urzua wearing green floral dress in store

Valentina Urzúa is the founder of Soy Tendencia, a travel and fashion project where she shares the best trends from Chile and around the world. 

Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog and YouTube channel!

Raquel Calderon Argandona

Influencer Raquel Calderon Argandona wearing white see through kimono standing in desert

With over 1 million Instagram followers, actress, singer, influencer and almost lawyer Raquel Calderon Argandona is making waves on social media with her fresh, upbeat personality and travel adventures.

Like her on Facebook and follow her on Instagram.


Influencer Claudia wearing beige turtleneck top and black leather skirt holding plastic coffee drink

Claudia has always been a fan of makeup, fashion and beauty in general. and today, she shares her passion on social media. Check out her super popular YouTube channel (she has over 2 million followers!) for fashion hauls, makeup tips, DIY, and more. 

Subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Valentina Rios

Influencer Valentina Rios wearing black shorts and over the knee black leather boots

Chilean born and currently based in Madrid, Valentina Ríos is a graphic designer, stylist, and social media consultant dedicated to authenticity in everything, especially fashion and beauty. Her blog titled Le Freak C'est Chic (Freak is Chic) is packed with looks, beauty, and editorials - check it out, you won't be disappointed! 

Take a look at her blog and follow her on Facebook and Instagram

Balentina Villagra

Influencer Balentina Villagra sitting in chair wearing hat and over the knee black boots with tiny dog on lap

Valentina by birth, Balentina Villagra is YouTuber, mom, and self described dreamer and extrovert that's climbing the social media ladder. Her YouTube channel, balenciah, has over 1 million followers, showcases her bubbly personality and love of life. 

Subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Majo Arevalo

Influencer Majo Arevalo standing in front of red and blue painted wall wearing floor length green kimono

Majo Arévalo is an animal lover, influencer, and the director of Viste la Calle, a Chilean urban fashion website that unites fashion, trends and coolhunting, otherwise known as trend spotting.

Check out Viste la Calle , and follow her on Instagram.

Trini Gonzalez

Influencer Trini Gonzalez wearing black turtleneck and black shiny pants with black slip on shoes

Originally from Santiago de Chile and now based in Madrid, Trini Gonzalez is a fashion influencer that likes to inspire her followers with styling tips, shopping hauls, and her love of timeless fashion. 

Subscribe to her blog, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram,

Vivi Valenzuela

Influencer Vivi Valenzuela wearing cheetah print pants and jacket sitting on steps

Based in Santiago, Chile, Vivi Valenzuela is an English teacher, minimalist, and fashion lover. On her blog, Fashion Is My Girlfriend, she shares her adventures, personal style with mostly inexpensive clothes and accessories and her favorite beauty products. 

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook and be sure to subscribe to her blog today!

Nicole Putz

Influencer Nicole Putz sitting in handbag store wearing black outfit with strappy heels

Nicole Putz is a law graduate that pursued a career in fashion, and it's paid off - she's one of the biggest social influencers in Chile and had a season on the TV show Maltida Moda.  

Follow her on Instagram.

Luna Latuf

Influencer Luna Latuf taking selfie wearing white shirt and purple eyeshadow

Although Luna's focus is primarily beauty, she also blogs about everything from outfits, and cuisine, to how to start your own blog. Check her out for product reviews, makeup tutorials, and beauty tips.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to subscribe to her blog.

Helen Grube

Influencer Helen Grube taking selfie wearing green and red bow around neck and red lipstick

Born in Venezuela and living in Santiago Chile, Helen Grube is a Makeup Artist that loves making videos. She uploads new videos to YouTube every week, covering everything from beauty tricks every woman should know to Chinese sweets and her travels around the world. 

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribe to her YouTube channel here

Daire Garcia

Influencer Daire Garcia taking selfie with eyes closed wearing gray sweater

Daire Garcia is a pro makeup artist and founder of Makeupbydaire, a platform she uses to share makeup tips, tutorials, and product reviews with fellow makeup lovers.  

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel!

Who are your favorite bloggers from Chile? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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