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Beauty & Fashion Bloggers in Asia We Love (We’re Obsessed With Them!)

We can't help it, we're addicted to these Asian influencers in the beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle realm. 

And you don't have to live in Japan, Singapore, or the Maldives to benefit from the artistic style and fashion ideas of these beauty gurus. You'll absolutely love their beauty, fashion and styling tips - seriously, they're awesome!

Meet the influential women of Asian descent who are making the beauty and style trends of 2018:


Blogger Ulimali wearing long white dress in front of gold gate holding woven bag with flowers

This Singaporean has made quite a name for herself on the international fashion scene, appears frequently in big-name fashion publications, including Vogue Italia, Nylon Japan, and Nasty Gal, and posts about her travels and musings on fashion.  

Check out her out on Lookbook and blogspot. Plus follow her on Instagram!

Amata Chittasenee (aka Pearypie)

Blogger Amata Chittasenee taking selfie wearing big jewelry and holding up the peace sign with henna on fingers

With over 1 million Instagram followers and collaborations with huge brands like Too Faced, Thai-based makeup artist Amata Chittasenee, aka Pearypie, has taken the beauty world by storm. Her YouTube channel is chock-full of tutorials and her round the world travels.

Follow Amata on Facebook and on Instagram plus check her out on YouTube.

Ana Victorino

Blogger ana Victorino taking car selfie in passenger seat with seatbelt on

Filipina makeup artist Ana Victorino has been working in the field since she was 17, and her 5 minute makeup tutorials that cover natural to glam looks are simply mesmerizing - check out her Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder inspired makeup tutorial here, it’s a YouTube favorite!

Follow her on InstagramFacebook and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Mae Tan, aka Marx Mae

Blogger Mae Tan wearing sweater with pink shark standing next to disco balls

The daughter of a wealthy Singaporean businessman, Mae Tan lives a life that most girls only dream of, filled with opulent travel and handbags to match. She's very active on social, sharing her fashion and beauty picks on Instagram and Facebook, while posting videos of her travels on her YouTube channel Marx Mae.  

Follow Mae Tan on Instagram and YouTube

Roseanne Tang

Blogger Roseanne Tang wearing hot pink blazer holding makeup brush

Roseanne Tang is a Singaporean makeup artist that posts new videos frequently, on everything from beauty hauls to travel tips and makeup tutorials. Her warm, genuine personality makes her videos feel like you're catching up with a friend. Check out her fun video Trying out 10 Crazy Japanese Beauty Products, filled with unique and crazy products you have to see to believe!

Subscribe to Roseanne's videos on YouTube and follow her on Facebook & Instagram

Ploy Chava

Blogger Ploy Chava standing in parking space wearing bright orange highwaisted pants and straw hat

Once a personal shopper at TopShop and style and social editor at Elle Thailand, entrepreneur Ploy Chava and a big supporter of Thai designers, and is followed around the globe for her personal style.

Follow her on Instagram and check out her Twitter

Rei Shito

Blogger Rei Shito posing on sidewalk wearing army green camo jacket and black boots

Rei Shito brings Tokyo's street fashion to life through her photography and blog - and she's huge on Instagram. Followers can keep on on her top fashion looks each season, and enjoy her gorgeous photographs of faraway lands. 

Visit her blog and follow her on Instagram & Facebook

Park Hye Min | Pony's Makeup

Blogger Pony taking selfie wearing high neck white silk top and red lipstick

Park Hye Min, known in the beauty and fashion world as Pony, is a self taught Korean make-up artist and YouTube sensation with her channel Pony Syndrome. Winner of the 2011 Makeup Artist of the Year, she now has her own makeup line after teaming up with Memebox. 

Subscribe to her YouTube channel here and follow her on Instagram.

Andrea Chong 

Blogger Andrea Chong walking in crosswalk in white top and gray skirt

Host of "The F Word" on YouTube channel "The Clicknetwork", Andrea Chong is a fashion and lifestyle blogger that travels the world and collaborates with notable fashion photographers like Lenne Chai and Amanda Wong for stunning images. Her makeup tutorials are fresh, fun, and super imformative - and we love her accent! 

Subscribe to Andrea's YouTube channel, check out her blog, and follow her on Facebook & Instagram!

Who Are Your Favorite Beauty and Fashion Bloggers from Asia?

If we missed any of your favorite Asian beauty and fashion gurus, we'd love to hear from you!  Let us know on Facebook who should be added to this list!


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