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Where to Shop in the UK

MyUS members now have access to a UK address* so get shopping with top brands and stores in the UK! Not sure where to get started? Shop trendy clothes, furniture, toys, and more at these top UK retailers from the comfort of your home. 

No more waiting for a UK-exclusive to be made available in the US or your own country, browse these UK stores, find what you like, and ship everything straight to your international doorstep with MyUS!


The ASOS logo in black letters on a white background

With clothing and accessories for men, women, kids, and even your home, use this opportunity to shop from over 850 brands—from trendy to chic to too-cool-for-school—and 80,000 products at ASOS! This UK-based company offers stylish and chic clothing and accessories for a variety of clientele. The range of prices and products is hard to beat, that's why we're so excited for you to have full access to their products now with MyUS.


The Debenhams logo in white letters in front of a black background

For over 200 years, Debenhams has been providing the citizens of the UK with a fantastic selection of women's & men's clothing, beauty products, gifts, homewares, and more. Now that they've transitioned to a fully online-only department store, you won't miss a single item or sale! With affordable prices as well as trending brands and products, Debenhams is the place to shop for the younger generation! 

John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners logo in white letters inside a black box next to two black stripes

If you’ve been around Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, or Sheffield, then you’ve probably seen a John Lewis store nearby. They’re a popular high-end department store where you can shop new season trends in homeware, furniture, and fashion! Take a glimpse into daily popular culture in the UK and also discover the latest in beauty, electronics, home & garden, and a great selection of gift ideas. 

Marks & Spencer 

Marks & Spencers logo in black letters and a yellow green color for the "&" sign

Marks & Spencers is the one-stop-shop for gifts, home improvement, fashion, and much more. This major British multinational retailer is a fan favorite among other UK-based retailers and is a always on the shopping path of popular Instagram influencers. Where else can you find some trendy and affordable cashmere and pajama gifts? If you need a last-minute gift for special occasions or quality own-brand products, look no further than Marks & Spencers.


The Zara logo in black letters

In the world of fashion, Zara is renowned for its quick adaptability to the latest fashion trends and making unique looks and items available for the masses. They always produce new spins on shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, and shoes that are chic and up-to-date. Check them out if you're looking to refresh your wardrobe, want to try a new fragrance, or are looking for something exciting to wear for a night out.


The Argos lol in white letters and a white curved line under the words on a red background

Where the US has Amazon, the UK has Argos. It’s one of the UK’s leading digital retailers that offers over 60,000 products online or in-store. Their catalogs help customers find the perfect gifts for special occasions. If you’ve been searching for a particular product and have had no luck so far, Argos is your next best bet—and they might even have it on clearance! Get the latest deals on electronics, home decor, furniture, outdoor gear, and more at Argos.


The Dyson logo in black letters on a grey background

Happy homeowners and beauty enthusiasts alike rely on the Dyson brand to keep their homes clean and tidy and their hair smooth and styled. Shoppers around the world already love their innovative air technology for vacuum cleaners and cooling or heating fans. Their expansion into hair care, air treatment, and lighting is an even bigger reason to check out what Dyson has to offer! 


The Next logo in white letters in front of a black background

Name a better place where can you find clothes for casual and dressy occasions. Next has a big selection of fashionable items appropriate for all seasons. With homeware, beauty and more for men and women, there's no better place to start shopping the UK! Whether you’re going out to the gym, work, school, Next will have what you're looking for.


The Boots logo in blue letters in a cursive font

Boots is the place to go for all things health and beauty in the UK. As a leading British health and beauty retailer, Boots has an extensive range of products from all the top brands—from premium to vegan—and products—from sunscreen to toiletries and supplements—to help their customers look and feel better. Once you start shopping Boots, you won't be able to stop. Be sure to check out their store-owned brand, No7, for affordable and effective skincare too!


The Harrods logo in gold print on a green background

With a vast selection of luxury clothing, accessories, and apparel, it’s no surprise that Harrods is an essential shopping destination in London. Not only do they specialize in designer fashions, but they also have the fanciest selection of toys, furniture, fine dining, and supplies. Shopping for gifts for friends and loved ones that'll REALLY impress? You have to take a look at Harrods.

Treat your friends, family, and yourself to clothes, gifts, and more from these popular shops in the UK! Your new MyUS UK suite address will give you the access you need to shop the best of the UK.

We always aim to bring our members the best shopping options available, but some of the products featured in this post may have purchase restrictions. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a UK shipping address and suite to members shipping to EU countries at this time due to import regulations. To find more information, please visit the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines and/or terms and conditions.


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