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#TrendingWithMyUS: Quip

If you want to improve your oral health but find yourself skipping the floss or forgetting to replace your toothbrush, let us introduce you to the company determined to make better oral care simple for everyone—Quip

Quip was founded in 2014 by industrial designers Simon Enever and Bill May after Enever had a discussion with his dentist regarding how many people neglect to follow proper oral care habits. It seemed that even with all the fancy electric toothbrushes on the market, many people were still struggling with basic bad habits when it comes to oral care. 

Quip toothbrush and floss with black handles and quip toothpaste against a green background

So the pair made it their mission to create honest, accessible, and simple oral care products that helped people focus on the habits that really matter. They also wanted to make it easy for people to order and receive products, so they launched Quip online. By doing this, they have streamlined every aspect of the experience from design to delivery, providing the best service at the best price without compromise.

Check out Quip’s most popular products below and see why they're #TrendingWithMyUS. Shop your favorites with MyUS to ship easy oral care worldwide!

Starter Set $30 - $65

Quip Starter Set including copper metal toothbrush, large mint toothpaste, and matching copper metal floss dispenser

The Quip Starter Set includes an electric toothbrush (in your choice of plastic, metal, or edition), a large mint toothpaste, and a refillable floss (in plastic or metal).

After you’ve selected your products and colors, Quip will mail out your starter kit. Then, every three months, they’ll deliver a brush head + battery ($5), large mint toothpaste ($5), and floss refill ($5) with free shipping and a lifetime warranty. Cancel or switch your choices anytime.

"I've used an electric toothbrush since my teens and quip is the most comfortable experience I've had yet. My teeth feel clean and I never have to worry about running out of anything or forgetting to replace the toothbrush head." says Bryanna H. in her five-star review.

Kids Starter Set $25

Quip kids starter set including purple and white toothbrush and large watermelon toothpaste

Quip’s Kids Starter Set helps young brushers build pride and good brushing habits without childish gimmicks. Choose a plastic electric toothbrush in purple, green, pink, or blue and it will be shipped with a large watermelon-flavored anticavity toothpaste.

Then, every three months, Quip will deliver a kids brush head + battery ($5) and toothpaste ($5) with free shipping and a lifetime warranty. Cancel or switch anytime.

"We bought for the family- it’s been great for making the kids brush long enough and so easy to order. Thank you, Quip!" says Nathan C. in his glowing review. 

Floss $10 - $20

Quip refillable Floss canister tube in silver metal and white

Accepted by the American Dental Association, Quip’s refillable floss is pre-marked with 18" increments to use just the right amount, lasts three months with daily use, and helps remove plaque and prevent gingivitis between teeth.

Choose from a gray plastic refillable container or a metal container in silver, slate, copper, or gold. Refill plans are available for $5 every three months with free shipping and a lifetime warranty. Cancel or switch anytime.

"Love the product. Will definitely recommend to friends." says Rachel C. in her five-star review.

Refresh Bag $40

Quip Refresh travel cosmetic case in mint

Bringing good habits on-the-go is easy with Quip’s thoughtfully-designed Refresh Bag. Available in mint, black, gray, and copper, it has five storage loops (three small, two large) to keep all your quip products neatly organized, two zipped mesh pockets that easily hold extra bath and beauty accessories, and a hook to hang it up and free up counter space.

"I love just about everything about it! I like the case, I like that I can easily use it for travel. The brush head is soft, and it is very comfortable. My teeth feel clean. It's great!" says Lynn B. in her online review. 

Travel Mint Toothpaste $2.50

Quip Travel mint toothpaste in silver tube with white cap

At 0.85 oz., Quip’s travel mint toothpaste is the perfect size for vacations, weekend getaways, or for keeping at the office to freshen up after lunch.

"Everything ships fast and works great! Love the new toothbrush and the toothpaste is great" says Nick B. in his five-star review. 

Travel Cover Mount $5

Quip's White plastic travel cover mount tube

Quip’s White Plastic Travel Cover Mount declutters counters and saves space by neatly storing your brush away from bacteria and touching other surfaces. It can be mounted (and remounted) to any clean, flat, glossy surface with a firm press, used as a travel cover, or stand on a countertop.

"Quip has helped me stay on top of my oral care better than ever. The mirror mount keeps my brush visible without a cluttered counter, which I love. The timed brush is helpful for a thorough clean. The refill subscription keeps everything clean and fresh! Highly recommend." says Carlos G. in his online review. 

Refills $5 - $15

Quip toothpaste refill, toothbrush head replacement, battery replacement, and floss refill

If you already own a Quip product, you can order brush heads, batteries, floss, and toothpaste as one-time deliveries or start a refill plan with free shipping. You can get brush head + battery, large mint toothpaste, or floss as refills.

"Love it—design, performance, customer service. Really into the subscription plan for batteries and brush heads; one more thing I don’t have to worry about!" says Peter V. in his online review.

Shop Quip oral care products today and ship worldwide as a MyUS member.

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