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Do You Want To Shop From USA Stores Online & Ship To Czechia?

As a MyUS member you can shop for the products you love from U.S. websites online and ship to your doorstep in the Czech Republic!

Fact: US stores don't usually offer the cheapest or fastest international shipping

A package shipped with Amazon - 

Shipping rate with Amazon: $24.89

Fix: MyUS offers the lowest rates in the industry, with fast shipping options!

A package from Amazon shipped with MyUS - 

Shipping rate with MyUS: $16.99

Fact: Shipping directly from more than one store is expensive

Fix: MyUS will bundle multiple packages into one and save you big on shipping 

Save up to 80% when MyUS bundles your package for free!

Fact: Just because you can BUY it, doesn't mean they can DELIVER it

"Dangerous goods" like these can get hung up in customs, and never make it to you: stain removers, CO2 cylinders, paints & paint pens, makeup setting spray, and lithium ion batteries. 

Fix: MyUS compliance experts make sure your goods are delivered 

Fact: Many U.S. stores don't even deliver to Czechia

Stores that won't deliver to Czechia: GNC, Shop Disney, Walmart, Sephora, Walgreens, Bath & Body Works, FUNKO, Forever 21

Fix: MyUS lets you access these stores, plus thousands more and delivers to CZE.

There is a way to get everything you love from the USA!

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