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What Happens When Your Package Leaves the USA?

MyUS receives thousands of packages every day, and carefully prepares each item for customs and export. Many of our customers ask us what happens once these packages leave the MyUS Distribution Center, and—though each package may go through a different process depending on the destination country—we’re happy to help explain the process.

Once we have filled your ship request, we tender your package to the courier (usually FedEx, DHL & UPS who we have special shipping rates with) for international delivery. The courier transports your package, usually by plane, to your local customs office. If you follow the tracking information for your package, you may see it make several stops along the way.

Your local customs office may inspect the package, ensure it is legal for import into your country, and assess any duties and taxes that may be due at that time. You can learn more about duties and taxes for your country on the MyUS Country Details page by selecting which country you live in.

In some cases, the courier may work with the local customs office to clear your package for delivery. Some couriers charge a brokerage fee for this service.

Once your package has cleared your local customs office, the courier will hand-deliver it to your door. In most cases, your goods from the USA will arrive at your door within just two to four days!

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