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What Happens When Your Package Leaves the USA?

Have you ever wondered what happens once your package bids adieu to our Distribution Center and ventures out into the wide world beyond? We can give you a sneak peek!

Whether you’re new, a returning customer, or just lurking, you’ve probably asked yourself this at least once. So, let’s see - strap in as we embark on this short journey through the intricate process your beloved parcels undergo.

Step 1: Departure from a MyUS Facility

Once it arrives at our headquarters, we meticulously prepare your package to your home address for its expedition. However, a few things must be taken care of before it reaches your arms. Worry not; from the moment it leaves our hands, your package is destined for greatness. Our amazing team works super hard to ensure each item is lovingly wrapped, secured, and labeled, ready to embark on its cross-border odyssey.

An image showing the three steps to shipping with MyUS: ordering online, packing, and delivery

Step 2: The Courier Chronicles

With exclusive rates and unrivaled efficiency—and depending on your choice—our partner couriers swoop in to whisk your parcels away on their way, often aboard sleek aircraft bound for distant shores; other times, they go on cruises! Yes, we are jealous, too.

Step 3: Cruising through Customs

Speaking of cruising… ah, customs—the gatekeeper of international trade. As your package arrives at its destination country, it must be scrutinized by the local customs office. Here, diligent inspectors ensure compliance with import regulations, peeking inside to verify its contents and determine any duties or taxes owed. But fear not, dear shopper, for transparency is our ally. You can easily acquaint yourself with your country's duty and tax policies on our information page where you can check our costs, rates, duties, list of prohibited items, etc.

When we say we’ve got your back, we mean it!

A vector illustration showing a customs officer at a counter

3.1. The Customs Conundrum

Navigating the labyrinth of customs is probably the part of the package’ journey that we all wish to skip: rules, rules, and more rules. Luckily, our dedicated couriers often collaborate with customs officials to smoothen the passage of your package. Yet, beware of the cunning brokerage fees for some couriers demand a small tribute for their efforts in expediting your delivery!

Step 4: Homeward Bound

With customs clearance secured and formalities fulfilled, your package emerges triumphant, ready for the final leg of its epic voyage. Guided by the capable hands of your local couriers, it embarks on the last mile, traversing city streets and suburban lanes alike until it reaches its ultimate destination—your doorstep!

Step 5: Home Sweet Home

Behold! In just a blink of an eye, mere days (usually 2-8, depending on your carrier choice) have passed since your package embarked on its transcontinental adventure. You get a call or see the courier at your door. You swing open the door to find your long-awaited treasures nestled within, a testament to the seamless synergy of MyUS and our trusted couriers.

And it’s as simple as that!

Embark on Your MyUS Adventure Today!

Now that you know how easy international shipping is for us, what’s stopping you from signing up with MyUS today, and unlocking a world of possibilities? With expedited shipping and a network of dedicated professionals at your service, your first delivery is just days away. Join us on this thrilling journey across borders, where every package tells a tale of adventure, excitement, and the boundless magic of global commerce.


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