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MyUS Reports Strong Surge of Australian Customers Buying US Goods

10/3/2011, the leader in international package forwarding and shipping, has experienced a strong surge from Australian customers utilizing its service to procure US goods. The strength of the current Australian dollar combined with the lower prices offered in the US has created unprecedented buying opportunities.  Given the sluggish US economy, it is predicted that many retailers will continue to be aggressive in their promotional pricing well into the holiday season making this the perfect time to shop the US. 

“ has become increasingly popular with the Australian market with membership increasing 270% over last year. Recent editorial features that have run in the Sydney Morning Herald and Vogue Australia have given us enormous exposure in the marketplace. Residents find US products to be so much cheaper, even when you add in the shipping costs. With the MyUS Shopping extension, residents can shop multiple stores online, add them to their MyUS cart and checkout only once. It's so easy and our international shipping costs are UPFRONT in total costs. “We have negotiated great rates for shipments to Australia and are happy to see residents taking full advantage of that. Our shipping volume to Australia has increased 130% over last year,” says Eric Baird, CEO and Founder of

Currently, Australia, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia are the top countries where customers are taking advantage of U.S. online shopping. Several items, such as Apple’s iPad, are at least $100 cheaper in the US, while the fashion-savvy seek out trends only available at the US retailers. Australians also benefit from the seasonal sales given that they’re in a different hemisphere. When end-of-summer items go on sale in the US, Aussie buyers enjoy deep discounts on items they can use immediately. Anticipating that this upward trend will continue through the holiday season, MyUS has increased staffing double over 2009 to meet these new demands.