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Our revolutionary new pricing system finally takes the mystery out of shipping costs.

In an industry where confusing “dimensional weight factors” can mean paying a lot more for shipping than you were quoted, we believe our members deserve international shipping estimates they can trust, with no tricks or surprises.

What does "TruePrice" mean?

MyUS estimates and charges its members based on package weight* for international shipments from the USA. Others in our industry use a complicated calculation based on dimensional (or volumetric) weight. This complex and unpredictable formula attempts to account for the amount of space an item will take up in an airplane’s cargo area.

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MyUS TruePrice™

MyUS package

Actual Package Weight: 28 lbs.

Size: N/A

green check mark

No calculations or
confusing math needed.

Billable Weight


28 lbs.


Other Shippers

Other Shipper's Package

Actual Package Weight: 28 Lbs.

Size: 30 X 15 X 15

Calculate the cubic size:

30" x 15" x 15" = 6,750 cubic inches.

Calculate the dimensional weight:

6,750/139 = 49 lbs.

Determine if dimensional weight (49 lbs.)

is greater than actual weight (28 lbs.)

Your final price is the
higher of the two weights.
Billable Weight

Varies by carrier’s dimensional factor

49 lbs.

With the revolutionary MyUS TruePrice system, our members pay what it weighs*. With no surprises or hidden costs, in 2018 MyUS TruePrice saved our members over $25 million in shipping costs!

MyUS TruePrice vs. Other Shippers' Dimensional Weight Shipping Charges

Shipment* Details MyUS
Shipper 1
Shipper 2
Baby Car Seat

Baby Car Seat

10” x 25” x 20”


Actual Weight 15 lbs 15 lbs 15 lbs
Dimensional Weight N/A 51 lbs 45 lbs
Billable Weight 15 lbs 51 lbs 45 lbs
Receiving Included True Price False False
No Weight Limit True Price False True
Consolidation Included True Price False False
Delivery Time 6-12 days 10-15 days 3-10 days
  Total Shipping Price* $110.99 $196.35 $289.00

As you can see, many other companies claim to have the cheapest shipping rates but actually calculate shipping costs based on dimensional weight, so you will often pay more in the end (plus, MyUS has a special tax-free ZIP code, so we save you an extra 7% US sales tax on every purchase!).

Choose MyUS for the most straightforward pricing in the industry, and start shopping, shipping, and saving money today! Satisfied members around the world choose MyUS as their shipping partner, from Australia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Japan, Canada, and Brazil to the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Korea, and the United Kingdom.

What is dimensional weight?

Dimensional weight, or volumetric weight, is a technique used by international couriers to calculate shipping charges based on the amount of space an item fills in an airplane’s cargo area. It is calculated as (Length x Width x Height) / (Dimensional Factor). International couriers use the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight to determine shipping costs (billable weight).

Unfortunately, the complexity of dimensional weight pricing makes it almost impossible to give an accurate shipping cost until AFTER the package has shipped. This may work for other shippers, but we believe in giving our members clear, dependable, upfront pricing with MyUS TruePrice. Have more questions? Read our international shipping FAQs or contact Customer Service anytime.

Why Isn't TruePrice Offered Out of The UK?

Our MyUS TruePrice guarantee, which ensures accurate and transparent pricing for international shipping, is not currently offered for items shipped from the United Kingdom. However, we want to assure you that we are actively working on implementing a TruePrice system for UK packages in the near future. 

While we continue to develop this feature, we want to emphasize that you can still take advantage of our accurate and low-cost shipping options available with MyUS. We understand the importance of transparency and affordability in international shipping and are committed to providing the best services to our customers. By providing the full dimension of your package information in our system calculators, MyUS can provide precise estimates for the total shipping cost for items sent from the UK. 

*Applies to international shipping from the USA via DHL, FedEx, and UPS and "Budget Carrier" option. Excludes oversized shipments and palletized shipments. Oversized shipments are those with linear dimensions (total Length + Width + Height) greater than 72 inches (183 cm). Items  requiring some types of special packaging (e.g. crates), are not eligible for MyUS TruePrice pricing. MyUS TruePrice guarantee does not include additional or optional services such as insurance, dangerous goods fees, customs, duties or taxes. Comparison rates based on comparable services as of November 2021.​