Customs & Compliance

MyUS experts ensure complete export compliance and smooth delivery to your door.

At MyUS, we treat every package as if it were our own, and that means doing everything we can to help ensure fast, compliant delivery of your USA purchases.

US export and customs requirements have evolved greatly over the years, and each country manages its customs regulations differently. Every country has its own list of prohibited and restricted items, its own duty and tax laws, and import requirements. Plus, ever-changing US export laws also apply.

As the industry leader, MyUS works with regulatory agencies and courier partners to ensure our members enjoy the highest quality service and do not face unforeseen issues throughout the export process. We can help you with customs questions whether your shipping from the USA to Australia, Kuwait, Angola, Canada, the Dominican RepublicFrance, Iceland or anywhere in between.


We have worked with local customs agencies to resolve problems and streamline processes for our members.


We prepare your shipment in accordance with all US export requirements and adhere to regional customs laws.


We're aware of regional shipping alerts that impact your delivery, and can help re-route your package immediately.


We are alerted to changes in US export laws that can impact your shipment and monitor changing customs regulations.

Our long-standing relationships with the world’s leading carriers like DHL, Fedex, and UPS ensures we are alerted immediately to any local security issues or regional events that may disrupt your shipments. We can re-route or hold your packages to ensure they stay safe and arrive to you unharmed.

And thanks to our expertise, we can ship highly regulated merchandise many companies in our industry can't, like paint, aerosols, nail polish, perfume, and much more.

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MyUS understands every country faces different challenges when shipping from the USA, and we’re here to help, every step of the way. Our member-devoted support team is prepared to answer your compliance, duty and tax questions to make international shipping worry-free.

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